The Minimum Health and Safety Qualification – What is it?

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The NEBOSH National General Certificate is one of the most highly regarded health and safety qualifications you can obtain and is taken and recognised around the world.

The training course will equip students with the following practical skills –

  • Identifying hazards
  • Assessing risks
  • Implementing appropriate means of control
  • Applying legal and organisational standards
  • Motivating the workforce
  • Recognising the influence of human factors
  • Monitoring performance
  • Carrying out formal and effective risk assessments

Whilst there are many shorter introductory health and safety courses, the NEBOSH General Certificate offers a greater level of training when more knowledge is required.  Held over two weeks (if learning in a classroom), this qualification is well recognised and the minimum requirement for any fulltime health and safety role.

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What’s after the NEBOSH General Certificate?

For students who complete the NEBOSH General Certificate and wish to deepen their knowledge and skills even further, there is the NEBOSH Diploma.  This 7 week course is perfect for supervisors and managers wanting to take their skills that step further and to gain the confidence required to deal with more complex and severe health and safety issues.

Becoming a health and safety professional is not something to be taken lightly which is why there are a number of qualifications available.  Employers look for candidates who have the attributes to deliver the best health and safety policies to the organisation and who have an enthusiasm for health and safety in general.  Candidates for any health and safety role also need to have the ability to adapt to different situations and challenges as they arise.  Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the people they take on are competent and able to deal with health and safety in a positive and self-motivated manner.

Look for a career in health and safety?

Those looking to step into a career in health and safety should either enrol on the NEBOSH General Certificate course themselves through eLearning courses or if looking for progression in current employment, ask their employer if they can enrol on a course.  eLearning allows candidates to learn at their own pace whether they are situated at home or in the workplace. Classroom learning offers a more formal setting and can usually be carried out in on the training centre site or in a designated classroom on the client’s site.  At Wise Global Training we believe in providing a number of flexible options so that you get the training you need delivered the way you need it.

I’ve already taken an introductory course.  Is this course for me?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is also perfect for anybody requiring a refresher in health and safety.  For example, those stepping into a management role may have received health and safety training in the past but they now need a little formal training to get them up to speed with the latest legislation and workplace policies.

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