Sprinkler room sign (How to identify the sprinkler room)

Sprinkler room sign (How to identify the sprinkler room)
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In this article we will be talking about the sprinkler room sign; this will help you identify the sprinkler room easily.

Before I continue, let me clear your mind. Never be confused between the riser room with the sprinkler room; the sprinkler room is synonymous to the riser room.

The riser room (Sprinkler room) is the room or designated space where the control room of the fire sprinkler system is kept. It is where above ground vertical supply pipes (system risers) connect the water supply to the fire sprinkler system’s cross and/or feed mains and where the system’s pressure and water are monitored and controlled. These system risers contain the pressure gauges, control valves, water flow alarms, and main drains for the sprinkler system.

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Sprinkler room sign

The sign as the riser room contains a white write-up on a red rectangular background. Other can be black or white background with write-up on red or black.

Here are typical sprinkler room signs:

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In summary, whether you see on the sign – Riser room or sprinkler room all represent the same.

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