Spring Safety Checklist For Your Home

Spring Safety Checklist For Your Home – Spring is finally here, which means it is time for the annual spring clean of your home. As you clean your home, you should also do a thorough inspection to ensure your property is still safe; and then take appropriate action for any unsafe elements you find.


Spring Safety Checklist For Your Home

Here are some of the most important things that should be on your safety checklist.

Ensure Your Windows and Doors Are Working Properly

You should check the locks and screens on doors and windows to ensure they are in proper working order. And if you have wooden frames, you should inspect them to check for rot. It is important that doors and windows close and lock properly to prevent the risk of burglary.

 And it is important to check for rot because if there is a problem with wooden frames, there is the potential for accidents to occur. For instance, the glass in a rotten window frame could become loose and smash.

Check All of Your Electrical Cords

When you clean your electrical cords as part of your spring clean, make sure there are no punctures to the cords’ sheaths. If you do find a puncture, you should immediately stop using those cords.

 You also need to ensure that all cords are safely positioned so that they do not cause trip hazards.

Inspect for Mold

Mold can potentially cause serious respiratory problems, so it is essential that you do a mold check of your home.

 You should check for mold throughout your property, but pay extra attention to places where moisture builds up, such as in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Remember to inspect hard-to-reach places, too, such as under your bath and behind cabinets.

 You can clean mold with bleach, but it is also important that you find out the underlying cause of the mold and take action to prevent further build-ups.

 You could find that the problem is something like a leaky pipe or a breach in the exterior of your property, which could do untold damage to your home besides causing mold. You may then need to apply for personal loans online to afford the renovation work.

 So, save money and stay in good health by checking for mold before it spreads and causes damage to both your health and your pocket.

Maintain Your Home’s Emergency Detectors

You have emergency detectors like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for a reason: to keep you and your family safe. So, do not overlook how important it is to maintain them.

 You should dust them with a dry cloth and check that they are working by pressing the test button. If the batteries are more than six months old, you should replace them.

 And the units will have expiration dates printed on them, so be sure to check the dates and replace the whole units before the expiry dates come around.

Examine Your Fire Extinguisher

If you do not currently have a fire extinguisher, now is the time to get one. There is always the potential risk of fires in the home, especially in the kitchen. So, you should be prepared to stay safe should a fire arise.

 If you already have a fire extinguisher in your home, spring is a good time to examine it.

 Check the label and inspect the tag to find the expiry date. If the date has expired, you need to immediately get a new extinguisher. If it has not expired, check the pressure gauge of the extinguisher to ensure it is in the correct range.

Check the Exterior of Your Home

Do not forget to perform a safety check of the exterior of your home. You should check that things like railings are not loose, examine walls and the ground to ensure there are no hazards like rusty nails, and inspect your roof for any damage.

 Basically, you need to check every element of your home’s exterior. If you find anything is unsafe, take the appropriate action to make those things safe.