What Is SPEED – How Do I Know Am Over-Speeding?


Speed in physics is define as the distance traveled per unit of time. It is a quantity which helps us assess how fast a body is while in motion.

Speed has also been qualified to mean different things.

We have:

  • High: Fast acceleration
  • Low: Slow acceleration
  • Over Speeding: Acceleration beyond speed limit

All the above tend to add more explanation.

Now let us come to my area of concern – The concept of over speeding.


What is over-speeding – A vehicle is said to be over-speeding when the speed is beyond the stipulated limit.


An incident occurred on my site:

One of our vehicles got involved in an accident. When we arrived at the scene of the incident, the passer-by complained that the driver was over speeding.

We then called the driver and ask – where you over-speeding?

This was his response:

How can I over-speed when this vehicle is locked at 60km/hr?

Now, does it mean that anytime we accelerate at 60km/hr or less we are not over speeding?


How Do I Know Am Over-speeding?

Here is where this understanding comes in:

Two things determine if you are speeding or not:

  1. Driving beyond the stipulated speed limit
  2. Forcing to move faster in an uneven road which requires slow and steady movement – This is mainly applicable in village roads where there are no speed-limits, or where the state of the road do not permit fast driving.

This means that even 30km/hr may be over speeding in some areas while 80km/hr is not over speeding in other areas.

Sometimes, you may not have to drive to the speed limit stipulated because of changes on the road condition. This changes may be caused by early morning traffic, busy school area or an accident scene.

By this, you will agree with me that speed is not a static process, its dynamic and keeps changing.

Over speeding is a traffic violation, so to avoid being a defaulter, you need to obey the road.

Move when the road and road rules permits, and when the road tells you its time to slow down, you must do just that.

It is quite unfortunate that some road users do not understand road signs. This signs are what could help you manage your speed.

I had written an article on 21 important road signs you should know – Read it up





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