Samsung lunches SoloProtect wearable tech for health and safety


Samsung and its partners unveiled three solutions that aim to improve the safety of workers and enhance senior care.

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The SoloProtect system

The SoloProtect system integrates with Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch. It can be used by individuals that work alone and make regular visits to new locations, such as estate agents, utility inspectors or healthcare workers.

For those in high-risk fields, SoloProtect provides monitoring and communication via an Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC). Status checks can be activated by a lone worker to provide their employers with GPS information, and they can initiate a ‘red alert’  to instantly contact the EDC for emergency assistance.

Safety and reliability are priorities for all employers, says SoloProtect CEO John Broady, “but historically, it has been difficult to manage safety for individual employees operating outside the traditional office setting.”

“By equipping workers with a high-quality Samsung smartwatch integrated with SoloProtect, we can help businesses increase the safety of those operating alone in the field, and provide them with the ability to concentrate on their task at hand with greater peace of mind.”

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