Smart Home Safety – The Most Popular Technologies That Protect Our Lives


Smart Home Safety – The need for safety is one of the fundamental human needs. It forced us to change the environment and helped us progress. Now, our lives are incredibly safer in comparison with the state even several dozens of years ago. Still, there is room for improvement. Our homes should be places where we can feel completely safe and secure. With the help of modern technologies, this goal becomes closer every day. 

The modern concept of a smart home suggests getting a complete environment, more comfortable and secure than ever. It is based on advanced technologies from different areas. Some of them focus on the overall convenience of life, and others target safety. They all do their job well, protecting you from all kinds of threats, from water leaks to burglars. 

Let us talk about the technologies that make the home safer – it is always helpful to know how you can improve the quality of your life. 


The Most Helpful Technologies For Safer Homes 

Speaking of home safety, we mean different issues, which can be a priority for different people. Still, one of the needs will always remain crucial. It is to protect your house from intrusion. There are two basic components: to monitor what happens and to alert if anything wrong happens. For that, we use cutting-edge solutions – cameras, sensors, and alarm systems. 

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Security Video Cameras 

One of the most popular home security devices is an IP camera. It is usually recommended to have such cameras in all strategic areas of the house that can be potential entrance points to intruders. Also, 3-4 cameras should monitor the doors, the backyard, and the front lawn. 

Such cameras work in a network, and the owners can access them from other locations, using computers or mobile devices. This is really convenient, as you can check the status wherever, at any time. On the other hand, such a video camera is an advanced technological product that accesses the Internet – a kind of computer. Computers can be vulnerable to hackers’ attacks, and so can video cameras. 

This risk is well-known, and security advisors have plenty of options to protect your cameras. One of the simplest means is using a closed internal network and allowing access from definite IP addresses only. In practice, it means using VPN access. If you worry, do VPNs slow your connection, it depends on the providers only. The speed depends on the servers and the quality of the service. Reputable companies like VeePN ensure high speed, so you can access the HD video records from the camera and watch them in real-time without the slightest delay on hanging. In any case, you can always use the free trial of the VPN service to decide whether its quality suits you. 

As a rule, security cameras work together with motion sensors. If any movements are registered somewhere within the security perimeter of your house, cameras turn there immediately to clarify who or what caused that. It may, of course, be some animal, but very often this monitoring combination helped the homeowners detect unwanted intruders. The system sends an alert, so the owners and authorized specialists (in case the homeowners are far from their houses) can check the issue remotely in real-time. 

High-quality video cameras both watch the area live and record everything. This is one more reason to always use VPN apps to access the network where your cameras are mounted – no one wants any details intercepted while checking this footage. At the same time, these records can be helpful for you, security specialists, and the police. There is different data, but the essence remains – in the range of techniques that help to make homes safer, security cameras are among the most popular solutions. 



We have already mentioned the role of motion sensors in keeping your home safe. However, such sensors aren’t the only type. In fact, there are many kinds of them, and the purposes are very versatile. Every type of sensor has its purpose and a set of features ensuring that purpose. 

Sensors detect smoke, thus preventing house fires, opening or closing doors and windows, signaling that it could be an intrusion, or the carbon monoxide sensor detecting this dangerous substance that is the cause of many tragedies. These are just several examples. 

When the sensors you chose detect possible trouble, they send you alerts via email, text message, or sound notifications. As such solutions are a part of the security network, and you can manage them through the dedicated application on your smartphone, together with VPN apps to protect your own access to that network. What is essential is that you can know immediately when something is wrong in your house, no matter where you are located at the moment. And you can take measures. 

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Alarm Systems 

Wireless alarm systems are another solution for the smart house, and they are an integral part of the entire surveillance system. House security companies mount such systems and program them to react to any unwanted trigger. Be it an unauthorized crossing of the perimeter, a sudden fire or smoke, or a busted pipe – the sensor will detect the possible threat immediately and notify the owner through various channels. 

We have already named some examples – there were separate cases. What you need to know is that you can have a whole security system in your territory. Alerting systems also suggest remote control, so you may call the police when some burglar is trying to break into your house at once, shut down the malfunctioning equipment that threatens to cause fire, and shut off the water valve to block the water leak. 

Sensors and alerting systems work on batteries, and they will also alert you when the battery is low. 



Only several dozen years ago modern smart homes were present in sci-fi movies and books only. Automated sensors, kitchen robots, video cameras that load the footage to the cloud, – all these features were fantasies. They aren’t anymore. One more good thing is that they are now available to us all and quite affordable, even if we don’t talk about a free trial for a camera. 


There are companies that specialize in home security devices, and they will help you select the right solutions, mount them, connect to the network, and maintain them in the future. This is definitely one of the services you need if you have a house. Our lifestyle becomes more comfortable, and it rests on the latest innovations in technology. Use them to ensure that your home is the safest place where you and your family can live happily.