10 Common signs of fatigue


Fatigue is a state of physical and mental tiredness. Everyone is exposed to fatigue at different point.

Identifying the signs of fatigue is very important in managing fatigue.

In this short article, we will highlight common signs of fatigue.

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7 Major signs of fatigue

  1. Low job performance: Someone that is fatigued tends to exhibit low performance.
  2. Poor job quality: A fatigued worker will deliver a job with poor quality.
  3. Easily forget instructions and procedures
  4. Head drooping: Caused by neck extensor weakness
  5. In ability to maintain focus on a task
  6. The individual will be error prone
  7. The individual will be involve in lots of near misses
  8. Will experience continuous yawning
  9. Body pains/ Joint pains
  10. Light headed/Mild headache and fever.


If you notice any of these signs in yourself or a colleague, understand that it may be a sign of fatigue. Instead of putting more pressure on him to deliver on his/her responsibilities, help the individual manage the situation.



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  1. Yes, we have fatigue problem when we are doing yearly preventive maintenance. The main cause is due to tight schedule with workload.
    This toolbox talk can be one solution to remind all workers about this problem.

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