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Shovel Safety Tips – How To Use Shovel Safely


Shovel Safety – Shovel is a work tool use majorly for digging. Though it makes our job easy, it also poses some inherent risks.


The major hazard associated with shovel safety is the musculoskeletal disorder. Other risk include electrocution, hand injury, contact with other worker, etc.


At this point, I will highlight some safety tips associated with use of shovel – “Shovel Safety”.

  1. Seek the authority of service providers before commencing digging to identify buried services in the area.
  2. Warm up before carrying out any activity involving the use of shovel. This will help warm up and straighten your muscles.
  3. Use shovel of adequate height – Not too shot and not too long. Short shovel enhances stability when throwing while long shovel prevent excess bending.
  4. Carry load of adequate weight. At least between 5g – 7g
  5. It is recommended that the throw  distance should be within 3 feet.
  6. It is also recommended that the height of lift should be about 1.3m
  7. Keep your feet a bit extended to enhance stability.
  8. Keep load close to the body
  9. Turn your feet to the direction of throw.
  10. Use appropriate PPE


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