Senior Health and Safety Officer Australia


Senior Health and Safety Officer Australia

Deadline: 08/07/2018

Reference Number 12929
Position Title Senior Health and Safety Officer
Employment Status Permanent Full Time
Entity Health & Safety
Geographical Location Frankston
Award Classification Award 6 – Band Levels 6
Hours Per Fortnight 76


Large Rectangular


 To develop, monitor and ensure effective implementation of Council’s Occupational Health and Safety Management
System (OH&SMS)
 To provide strategic Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) advice and support to management and staff and
develop an organisational culture of safety commitment and awareness – Zero Harm
 To ensure Council complies with and meets its obligations under all relevant legislation and Regulations
 To coordinate the management of WorkCover claims, Return to Work arrangements and Council’s WorkCover
insurance premium.


Strategic Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)
 Coordinate the development and implementation of a strategic and pro active OH&SMS establishing an
organisational culture of safety and safe working practices.
 Develop, implement and deliver (as appropriate) a comprehensive annual OH&S Training Program, including new
employee induction, and monitor and review effectiveness of all OH&S training and training providers
 Assist all work areas to develop, document and implement safe working procedures.
 Monitor and analyse WorkCover claims and incident and injury reports and develop appropriate OH&S programs or
responses, including recommendations for appropriate preventative actions.
 Monitor and report on Council’s medical panel of providers
 Prepare and provide reports on relevant organisational trends and issues.
 Monitor relevant legislation and Regulations and ensure Council’s OH&S Program, policies and procedures comply
with contemporary legislation at all times.
 Develop and implement a coordinated risk assessment program, including manual handling risk assessment.
 Develop, review and update OH&S policies and procedures, as required, to ensure that Council’s OH&SMS is current,
accurate and relevant.
 Monitor the implementation of Council’s OH&S policies and procedures and ensure adherence and consistent
application in all work areas.

 Coordinate Safety Committees and workplace consultation, including the Executive Safety Committee (ESC) and
Workplace Safety Committees (WSC), and provide information and advice on OH&S matters.
 Coordinate and monitor the workplace safety inspection process across the whole organisation.
 Monitor, follow up and action relevant issues, decisions and directions from the ESC and WSCs, as appropriate.
 Coordinate election of and training for Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) and assist and advise HSRs, as
 Monitor and review the implementation of emergency management procedures.
 Ensure regular evacuation drills occur in all work areas.

General OH&S Responsibilities

 Carry out safety audits and provide relevant reports for management.
 Maintain appropriate statistics, records and information and prepare reports, including non-compliance issues, etc as
 Conduct accident investigations following, and prepare reports and recommendations on, serious incidents,
accidents and near misses
 Monitor and maintain Council’s electronic incident reporting system (e-BMS)
 Coordinate and ensure Incident Notification to WorkSafe Victoria, as required.
 Conduct worksite assessments for Return to Work plans including recommendations for suitable control measures,
including furniture and equipment requirements and ergonomic assessments of work stations.
 Assist in the development of and monitor and review the OH&S budget, managing relevant expenditure within
approved delegations
 Oversee, provide direction to and facilitate the development of the OH&S Team.

Organisational Responsibilities

 Cooperate with Council in relation to any actions taken to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004
and ensure that actions taken by the employee do not interfere with or place at risk the health, safety or wellbeing
of the employee or any person in the workplace.
 Ensure compliance with all Privacy Legislation and treat all information of a personal and sensitive nature concerning
the business of Council, Ratepayers or Residents in a professional and confidential manner in accordance with
Council’s information and records management procedures.
 Ensure that all Council’s policies, procedures, systems and work practices are implemented and adhered to, in
particular, in human resource management, risk management, financial management, governance, procurement,
and customer service.
 Act in a professional manner at all times while performing duties for and/or representing Frankston City Council in
accordance with the Staff Code of Conduct.


Responsibilities and duties included in this Position Description are subject to the Multi-skilling provisions of the Frankston City Council Enterprise Agreement.
In the event that the Municipal Emergency Management Plan is enacted, employees may be called upon to assist with emergency related functions under the Emergency Management Act 1986, including the provision of emergency response, relief and recovery services to the community.



The following qualifications and/or experience are required for the position:
 Tertiary qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety and relevant experience in OH&S, or substantial experience
in OH&S with lesser formal qualifications.
 Relevant experience with Safety Management Systems and Safe Working Procedures.
 Demonstrated ability and experience in presentations and conducting training.
 Demonstrated sound statistical, analytical and administrative skills.
 Current driver licence.
The following qualifications and/or experience are desirable for the position:
 Experience in OH&S in a diverse and dynamic operating environment
 Understanding of and ability to address workplace ergonomic issues


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