Scissor Lift Safety Plan With PDF Sample

Scissor Lift Safety Plan

The scissor lift safety plan stipulates the modalities necessary to achieve any set safety objective for the scissor lift.

The scissor lift safety plan helps achieve the following:

  • Ensure the safe operation of the scissor lifts.
  • Ensure that work units understands and comply with safety standards related to the scissor lifts.
  • Assign responsibilities to personnel which are necessary for successful implementation of the scissor lift safety objectives.

The scissor lift safety plan sets a stage for proper implementation of all safety objectives regarding the operation of the equipment. This is because, the plan is done before the commencement of any task involving the scissor lift.

This safety plan tends to preempt all possible safety challenges that could be encountered on the course of the operation, draw out measures to tackle these safety challenges, and also assign responsibilities to individuals or group of individuals in order to curtail these safety challenges.

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As explained in one of my previous articles “How to write a good safety plan“, a good safety plan will contain:

  1. Heading
  2. Planned review period
  3. Objectives of the plan
  4. Safety target
  5. Responsibilities
  6. Regulations, Standards, Rules and Procedures in force
  7. Personnel training
  8. Emergency drill
  9. Permit to work
  10. Safety audit and risk analysis
  11. Incident investigation and reporting
  12. safety meeting


Scissor Lift Safety Plan

A typical safety plan will contain most of the contents listed above and more. The contents forms the sub-headings in the safety plan.

The scissor safety plan is not so different from the generic safety plan. The only difference is that, the generic safety plan covers a whole project, while the scissor safety plan only covers a specific operation.

The safety plan for the scissor lift is a very important document, which is always kept for reference purposes. It will contain all important information necessary to ensure safety during scissor lift operations.

The aspect of the emergency drill is very important, as it will be relevant in any emergency situation requiring rescue of a personnel from the scissor lift.

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Do not forget that, time is a very important factor during emergency evacuation/rescue. The emergency drill will keep the person(s) responsible for attending to emergencies ready to respond in case of any eventuality; and not just responding, but in a safe, timely and successful fashion. Its only emergency drills that can keep them prepared to respond.

Below is a typical lift safety plan.

Lift safety plan PDF

This will educate you on how a typical safety plan looks like. It will also guide you in writing a safety plan for your scissor lift operations.