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Scholarship-Giving Schools And Colleges For Young Participants Of the Black Live Matter Movement

Scholarship-Giving Schools And Colleges For Young Participants Of the Black Live Matter Movement is an important subject as most African-American student cannot afford fees in the U.S. university. This scholarship cuts across various discipline, including Health, Safety and Environment.

Studying at a U.S. university requires a significant investment. On average, one year in a U.S. university will cost an African-American student $30,000. And about $15,000 have to be spent for all incidental expenses: accommodation, food, and personal expenses. But don’t feel bad if you can not pay for everything: there is a BLM Scholarship for that. This is a great opportunity to reduce your tuition and even your living expenses.

The academic scholarship application committee considers:

  • Your grades from school.
  • Thoroughness in completing school projects.
  • What position you have taken in class.
  • Grades from any other courses.
  • Any extracurricular activities on your CV/personal statement.


Admission to the university:

The admission to the university can become a long process which includes some steps like writing CV letter, taking an English language exam and, of course, writing essay. For participants of Black Live Matter movement usually the corresponding topic is provided. It has become quite iconic in history, so students often write various academic coursework or research on the subject. It may not be an easy process, so entrants may check listed Black Lives Matter essay examples to find a source of inspiration. All of them will not only increase their motivation and desire to write something good, also help to find out new information about the movement.


An international movement of activists

On May 25, 2020, police officer Derek Chauvin choked George Floyd with his foot for nine minutes in Minneapolis. The demonstrations and riots went far beyond the borders of the United States. It is a true story of a hero in modern culture. Various African American social groups and communities attended the rally. It is easy to find a book  on the subject or attend a lesson at school or college now.


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Types of scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to those with outstanding academic achievements. And grades do not always play a role. Universities are willing to admit people who have published in various journals. And participated in multiple conferences. The academic achievements of an applicant show the admissions committee. If they accept this student, he or she will further glorify their university in the educational field.

Why American universities offer scholarships:

  • An investment in the future. Public universities understand that today’s investment in a successful student will pay off. In the form of an improved reputation. That is why the size of the scholarship depends on how valuable your candidacy is.
  • Universities want to pick the best of the best. Every institution wants the brightest and most promising students.
  • Universities often invite applicants from different countries. Multiculturalism not only increases openness and student loyalty. And greatly increases the position of universities in various rankings.
  • A student’s success equals the achievement of the institution itself. A student’s academic and athletic attainments influence the program’s popularity. And American sports scholarships help popularize the university on an international level.

Need-based grants are awarded to students who cannot meet the costs of U.S. university tuition alone. You must prove that your family cannot meet your education costs to get this type of scholarship. The student can prove it by showing employment and bank statements from family members.




How do I get an academic scholarship?

Virtually every U.S. university has an academic scholarship fund. However, their size, as well as the requirements for applicants, can vary greatly. Some allow you to offset a tiny portion of the cost of your studies. While others offer full financial coverage, but with stringent eligibility requirements. And one of the most critical issues for the applicant is to choose the right university. One that will meet the requirements for the quality of education, the size of the scholarship, and which is possible to get in.

U.S. Government Scholarships

The best known of these is the BLM Scholarship. The U.S. government support project for African-American students has several significant advantages.

They are stable:

  • Award criteria;
  • Eligibility requirements;
  • Award amounts and other organizational aspects change very little, if at all, from year to year.

Some relative disadvantages of U.S. government programs require participants to return home to live and work there for a certain period. Before applying for scholarships at U.S. universities, reading the terms and seeing how they fit into your life plans is good.

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The number of U.S. university scholarships offered by private foundations and non-governmental organizations is incalculable. On the one hand, diversity creates a significant number of opportunities for students. On the other hand, it is difficult to identify the common characteristics inherent in this category of projects.

Black Lives Matter Scholarship

The Black Lives Matter Scholarship supports Broward College students who promote initiatives to ensure that black voices and stories are represented in our community. It helps our student leaders who work with the university develop thoughtful programs. That address the core issues of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The advantage of the BLM Scholarship

The advantage of the BLM Scholarship is also that it allows the student to reduce the cost of education significantly. And sometimes to cover it entirely by funding from the university, which is interested in the admission of students on quotas.

The scholarship does not include health insurance, study materials, consular fees, or official translation. And notarization costs and university fees. The American coordinators of the program will evaluate your chances. And make a final decision about your acceptance into the program.


You must complete an application form that includes an essay and a two- to five-minute video performance to apply for the scholarship. You should also add a letter of recommendation from a reputable music teacher, and proof of admission. The Black Lives Matter Scholarship has become a real support for students, opening many opportunities for them.


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