Safety Shoes – What makes it a safety shoes?


Safety Shoes – What makes it a safety shoes?

Safety shoes are work shoes. They are used by workers on the cause of their job to protect their feet from different forms of injury.

Now, why is it called safety shoes?

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Why do we not just call is shoe?

Sure, we may say it is called safety shoes because it protects our feet’s from injury, but what really makes it able to protect our feet.

What is in a safety shoes that makes it able to protect our feet’s – this is its characteristics.

We called a shoes a safety shoe when it possesses these three (3) main characteristics:

Characteristics of a safety’s shoes

  1. It must be steel toed
  2. It must have a steel plate underneath it
  3. It should be few inches above the ground.

The steel toe – It protects the toe against falling object. If a falling object lands on the worker’s toe when wearing a safety shoe, the worker will not be injured because of the steel toe.

Steel plate: The steel plate underneath protect the sole of the feet from being puncture by sharp object on the floor like nail. This steel plate is fixed inside the sole of the shoe.

The high sole: It makes it easy to navigate through rough terrains without getting hurt.


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