53 Powerful Safety Messages For The Day

Safety Messages For The Day

When you enter a workplace and you meet a message like “People at home are expecting you back; WORK SAFE“. This strikes a consciousness in you to avoid anything that could deprive you of the privilege of getting back home safe.

What are Safety Messages?

Generally, Safety Messages for the day could be a set of instructions, directive, reminder or tip, that provides timely, positional and situation related information to further foster safety in the workplace. It aims at re-awakening consciousness and  enforcing safe actions in the workplace.

Within the scope of this article we will highlight typical safety messages you could use in your workplace. Feel free to pick any of these messages, enlarge on prints and display in relevant areas within your workplace.

It has been understood that sharing Safety Messages daily has lots of benefits, which are:

Importance of Safety Messages for the day

The importance includes:

  1. Serves as a reminder
  2. Boost conformance to safety standards and industries best practices
  3. Prevents accident in the workplace
  4. Improves safety culture in the workplace
  5. Keeps employee and visitors informed
  6. Serves as a guide which improves safe job delivery
  7. It helps comply with organization’s best practices, etc.

53 Powerful Safety Messages To Share Every Day In Your Workplace

 Safety Messages For The Day

  1. People at home are expecting you back; WORK SAFE
  2. You are responsible for your safety
  3. Think safely, act safely
  4. Better late that be late
  5. Report any pest sightings to prevent contamination or disease spread.
  6. Ensure proper ventilation when working with volatile substances.
  7. Your fingers are your assets, safeguard them
  8. Your dangling chains could be trapped, put them off
  9. Do not enter if not authorized
  10. Use only if trained and certified
  11. Cover all open holes
  12. Never work without a safety guard, its your safety barrier
  13. If its too heavy, call for assistance
  14. Back pain can be so uncomfortable, avoid heavy loads
  15. Lift it twice; Lift with your head before you lift with your hand
  16. Never go down the stairs with your hands in your pocket
  17. Do not work or walk under suspended load
  18. Do not operate machinery if you have consumed alcohol or drugs.
  19. Do not rush when performing tasks; take your time to ensure safety.
  20. Do not place unguarded object on top of a load when lifting
  21. You only have one eyes, safeguard it
  22. Speed kills
  23. If it’s not safe don’t do it
  24. If it’s not safe, don’t use it
  25. Horse play kills
  26. Keep emergency route clear always
  27. Never overload your extension socket
  28. Using a double insulated electrical equipment could be your safety ticket
  29. Always follow the safety rules
  30. Carelessness kills, always be careful
  31. Sometimes Safety is as simple as ABC – Always be careful
  32. A non-operational fire extinguisher is equivalent to not having any
  33. Do not perform electrical repairs unless you are trained.
  34. Keep sharp objects properly stored when not in use.
  35. Your fire emergency plan is not complete without a fire warden
  36. Use your steel toe safety boot to safeguard your feet
  37. Dust is poisonous, so use your dust mask where necessary
  38. Body harness can kill or maim if not use properly
  39. Running cable leads is one of the major causes of trip hazard in the workplace
  40. Only work on a stable elevated working platform
  41. Never overstretch from an elevated working platform
  42. Always store hazardous chemicals in a safe and secure place when not in use.
  43. Always read and follow instructions on chemical labels before use.
  44. Never block safety and fire equipment like extinguishers and alarms.
  45. Keep walkways and corridors free of clutter.
  46. Always use the right tool for the job to avoid accidents.
  47. Never leave opened boxes or drawers unattended to avoid tripping hazards.
  48. Use ergonomic furniture and equipment to maintain good posture and avoid stress injuries.
  49. Ensure all safety guards and barriers are functional before starting machinery.
  50. Avoid working alone in areas with high risk.
  51. Turn off and unplug appliances in the office when not in use.
  52. Replace any frayed or damaged cords immediately.
  53. If you are ever unsure about the safety of an appliance, do not use it.

How To Create Effective Safety Messages At Work

 Safety Messages For The Day

Having an effective safety of the day entails some important ingredient:

  • It must be short and concise
  • It must be placed where necessary
  • It must resonate positive thought
  • It should trigger emotion
  • It should be understandable, so should be written in simple English
  • It should be targeted at different categories of people within the workplace
  • It should the eligible
  • It should have a catchy design, etc.


Having a safety message for the day in your workplace is very important as it help foster safety, but for it to be effective it must be understandable, well placed and must be able to trigger emotion. You if you do not have them in your workplace, you can pick any here as it related to your workplace, make an enlargement and place at strategic locations within your workplace.


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