Safety Manager

Lagos, Nigeria

Job Type:
* Develop and execute health and safety plans in the workplace according to legal guidelines
* Prepare and enforce policies to establish a culture of health and safety
* Evaluate practices, procedures and facilities to assess risk and adherence to the law
* Conduct training and presentations for health and safety matters and accident prevention
* Monitor compliance to policies and laws by inspecting employees and operations
* Inspect equipment and machinery to observe possible unsafe conditions
* Investigate accidents or incidents to discover causes and handle worker’s compensation claims
* Recommend solutions to issues, improvement opportunities or new prevention measures
* Report on health and safety awareness, issues and statistics
* Minimum of HND/BSc.
* Must possess good techniques and skills in information Technology.
* Excellent technical and problem-solving skills are essential.
* Good communication and teamwork skills are also required, together with motivation, creativity and a willingness to learn.
* Must be hygienic in nature.
* Must be presentable and possess absolute integrity.
Interested applicants should forward a copy of their curriculum vitae to the HR: Only the shortlisted candidates would be contacted for an interview.

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