10 Best Safety Management Software For Small Business

No matter the size of your business safety management is always a top priority. It takes a lot to ensure all your employees have the training they need to get their jobs done – and safely too. This is where safety management software can add a lot of value to your organization; in this article we will be considering “Safety Management Software For Small Business“.

Safety management software streamlines your safety reporting by digitizing the entire process, simplifies the preparation process for safety analytics and compliance reports, allows you to automate time-consuming tasks. Your job becomes easier so you can grow your business easily and faster.


What to look out for in the Safety Management Software

  • User Interface (UI): Look for software with a clean, colourful and uncluttered web and mobile interface that employees will enjoy using.
  • Usability: Check for software that’s straightforward and easy-to-use, either through the web interface or on a mobile device. The ability to automate how form data is stored and distributed is also a key factor.
  • Value: Ensure the software gives you value for your money. Remember, you are still building your business to that enviable height and every penny matters!


10 Best Safety Management Software For Small Business

  1. BrightSafe:

This is an online health and safety software. It helps you to keep on top of all your health & safety management, so you can protect your people and your business. The easy-to-use features let you:

  • Create and manage risk assessments
  • Record any workplace injuries or incidents and carry out investigations.
  • Add tasks to help manage and reduce potential hazards
  • Use the Responsibilities Navigator to set up task reminders
  • Access exclusive e-learning courses on various health and safety topics and share same with your staff.

If you are away in your workplace but still need to monitor your business, no need to worry. Simply go to the BrightSafe app on your mobile to:

Always ensure your business is following the latest laws.


2. SiteDocs:

It saves time, save money and save lives!

It is an easy to use mobile app on site and you can manage & monitor from the office.

You can also do the following with it:

  • Build custom forms like Toolbox Talks, Inspections, Incidents, JSA, Hazard Assessments, OSHA 300, etc.
  • Assign Corrective Actions
  • Add photos, comments, and annotations
  • Capture digital signatures with Date/Time/GPS Stamp
  • Distribute safety documents like Company Policies, Safety Manuals, SDS, Safe Work Practices etc.
  • Track worker certifications and training
  • Monitor compliance in real-time
  • Chat directly with workers
  • Automatically Email Forms
  • Build Analytics and Reports on ANY data point

Ø  Logins for All Your Workers

  • Give your workers access to your entire safety program through their device or web browser.

Ø  Unlimited Forms and Signatures

Ø  Track Every Worker Profile

  • Monitor every worker signature and certification, both current and past, to stay on top of training and compliance.
  • An initial call is required to provide a custom price quote tailored to your company’s size and needs.

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What makes it better for small businesses aside the aforementioned features is its pricing. It has a simple pricing based on your company size.

  1. eCompliance:

eCompliance puts safety in the palm of your workforces’ hands and empowers them to work offline. You can use it within the first 30 days with a dedicated coach along for the ride.

It is a mobile-friendly EHS software with equipment tracking capabilities that empowers front-line workers to do their best to reduce risk and maintain a safe work environment. Key features include incident management, training management, compliance management, hazard identification & observation, audits & inspections, and reporting & analytics.

One of its outstanding features is the ability to track equipment using ID numbers, barcodes, or RFID to ensure the equipment is safe to use for field crews. You can also ensure worker’s personal protective equipment (PPE) is up to standard by incorporating equipment inspection and reporting processes into your digital safety management program.

Pricing details for eCompliance are available upon request, but you can request a free demo via their website.


  1. Cority:

Advanced EHS software designed to support ISO 45001 safety indicators. Its data dashboard simplifies the regulatory compliance tracking process, making it easy to analyze the data further.

Cority’s Safety Cloud software was designed by health & safety experts to solve the unique challenges that H&S professionals typically face, such as redundancies, information silos and process bottlenecks that often slow down safety processes within an organization. Their system aims to make it easier to analyze safety data, gain meaningful insights, and collaborate by sharing data with key stakeholders.

Their Saas (software-as-a-service) platform covers all key facets of EHS (environmental health and safety), including incident management, compliance management, behavior based safety, contractor management, audits & inspections, risk management, change management, learning management, and mobile EHS solutions.

The software tops the chart for many safety-heavy industries like aerospace, automotive, chemicals, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, mining & metals, and oil & gas, since it’s designed to meet and support ISO 45001:2018 guidelines. This type of design makes it an obvious choice for organizations who undergo ISO 45001 audits, as Cority can be used to tie your H&S program directly to the targets and objectives you’re tracking as performance indicators for your annual ISO audits. Once you’ve set up your safety indicators, Cority automatically populates your dashboard as the data comes in, saving many hours of administrative time.

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Cority Safety Cloud also works in conjunction with other Cority products that can help streamline your operational processes. Their comprehensive suite of tools also includes a Health Cloud, Sustainability Cloud, Environmental Cloud, Quality Cloud, and Analytics Cloud too.

Pricing details for Cority are available upon request, but you can request a free demo via their website.


  1. Myhrtoolkit: This is an HR software solution with integrated modules for health & safety and training management that aims to streamline common HR processes like time off requests, absence management, performance appraisals (performance reviews), document management and reporting. Two features that make it a useful safety management tool to consider are their health & safety and training management modules. MyHRToolkit is a great option to consider if as a small business, you don’t already have HR software addressing these other core HR functions separately, since there is value in having your safety system linked directly to your human resources information system (HRIS) too.

Where HR teams are available, they can use MyHRToolkit’s health & safety module to record accidents, track incident progress, and upload images, as needed. They also have a welfare tab where users can tag employees who may need extra assistance in the workplace, such as lone workers (those who work by themselves), young workers (those under age 18), or pregnant workers or returning mothers (who may have physical restrictions in what work tasks they can complete).

To further support your health & safety program, their training management module acts as a centralized system for all employees that tracks qualifications and sends alerts for upcoming recertification dates. You can also use it to host internal training courses, track staff attendance, and review user scores on training courses.

Pricing for MyHRToolkit is scalable based on the number of users and starts at £16 per month for up to 5 people. You can also request a free demo or a free trial via their website.

  1. Safesite:

This is a mobile-friendly, full-feature safety management system with predictive information and a patented safety score

Safesite’s digital safety solution facilitates safety via their user-friendly safety app that automatically syncs with their web platform.

Workers can use Safesite’s app to conduct safety inspections or audits, flag items for hazard management, report incidents, host toolbox talks, run safety meetings, or track equipment. They also have a range of preloaded templates for different industries and workers can customize or upload their own. While workers are out in the field, data feeds into the web interface in real time, giving platform administrators a big picture view of what’s going on. From there, admin users can dive deeper into specific data, including predictive information to help identify safety opportunities before they become a future problem.

One feature that makes them really stand out for smaller or startup companies is the fact that you can access their team of safety experts as a premium service, if you need it, to help you develop your safety program from scratch.

Pricing for Safesite starts at $16 USD/user/month. They also have a freemium version with a decent amount of features, though your data and analytics capabilities are limited to data within the last 30 days. You can also request a free demo or a 30-day free trial of their Premium level on their website.


  1. SafetyAmp:

This is a cloud-based safety management software with configurable recordkeeping apps to automate compliance tracking tasks which helps employees, safety team members, and leadership track and report all means of safety data. It can also be used to monitor key safety indicators, deliver safety insights, and change safety outcomes for the better.

SafetyAmp’s platform supports safety audits & inspections, incident management, action items, safety training, document control, analytics, visitor & contractor management, and many other core safety processes. They also have a handful of configurable recordkeeping apps that can simplify the compliance tracking process by automatically capturing data, integrating workflows, and automating follow-up activities for all sorts of EHSQ (environmental, health, safety, and quality) activities.

You can also request a free demo via their website.


  1. Weever:

This is a digital operations management platform with employee engagement features to keep safety top-of-mind. It specializes in health & safety, quality, maintenance, production and training. Across all their systems, streamlines processes by replacing paper forms with digital tools that form the foundation for rapid, scalable, and sustainable organizational growth.

To enable management teams to achieve operational excellence, Weever is grounded in three main areas: digital data capture, workflow management tools, and real-time reporting. They also offer tips for how organizations can roll out a digital safety transformation within their organization step-by-step.

Their system includes customizable templates for many different safety-related processes, such as hazard assessments, incident reports, near miss reports, non-routine tasks, root cause analysis, work permits, a training tracker, and many others. As staff complete their digital forms, data flows into your reporting dashboards in real-time based on your automated workflows. Weever also makes it easier for staff to understand their organization’s goals and how their individual role contributes to achieving them. Their Suggestions feature also empowers employees by giving them a voice and enabling them to make suggestions for workplace improvements.

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You can also request a free demo via their website to explore it.

9. HRWize

Designed by HR professionals, HRWize provides full lifecycle HR management from recruiting to offboarding. With a dedicated service team of accredited HR professionals, it helps you streamline your HR processes and operations throughout your implementation journey and beyond.

The start price is $9.00/month/user which makes it more affordable for small businesses


  1. Certainty Software

Certainty is an enterprise-level software solution to easily collect and report inspection data and manage issues identified.

Used by hundreds of thousands of professionals to complete millions of audits and inspections annually, Certainty helps companies around the globe ensure compliance, reduce risk, and improve performance with easy-to-use forms, real-time reports, and complete action management.

Collect, track, and report accurate and powerful data to provide detailed business insights that will empower your team to improve performance and business sustainability.

Starting price is $18 per user per month and free trial available.

Its features are:

  • Incident Management
  • Admissions Management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Care Planning
  • Event / Activities Planning
  • Marketing / Lead Management
  • Meal / Nutrition Management
  • Medical Records
  • Medication Tracking
  • New Resident Assessment
  • Resident Info Management
  • Scheduling
  • Staff Management
  • Work Order Management