HSE JOBS: Safety Coordinator Schlumberger India


Safety Coordinator Schlumberger India

Location: Barmer – India

About Schlumberger

Schlumberger is the world’s leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry. We have more than 20 years of experience in delivering world-class service to our customers through integrated projects. These projects range from basic service coordination through to complete development and abandonment of fields. To meet the growing needs of our business we are encouraging applications from experienced professionals who share our passion for delivering excellence in all aspects of project delivery.

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Job Details

The Safety Coordinator assists the rig-less management in maintaining and continuously improving the QHSE culture on site. He assists the site coordinator; rig supervisors in coordinating and implementing the QHSE Management system programs and follow up on compliance with company and client policies and standards. He/She reports directly to the IPS Project Manager and for planning purpose to the IPS HSE Manager.



  • Ensure that site emergency response plan is available on site; updated and posted in adequate places (Well Site coordinator office; clinic; offices on site; HSE board)
  • Update the site and camp fire evacuation plan and searching routes and ensure they are posted on adequate places (site map on offices and camp map on rooms)
  • Ensue ERP contact details and evacuation road map to hospital facilities are completed.
  • Identify the first aid and emergency response teams on site
  • Follow up on implementation of drills on site as per site drills program
  • Prepare the drills minutes
  • Perform inspection on security guards on site and control their records and compliance (In/Out logs; PPE)
  • Inform field site Coordinator/ Project manager and Rigless HSE Manager immediately on any accident/emergency on site
  • Use the ERP emergency log sheet to collect details of any emergency on site
  • Conduct and document the site orientation for all new comers and visitors on site
  • Follow up on implementation of the T-cards system;
  • Check new employees and visitors for compliance with minimum trainings compliance and file hard copies
  • Ensure site orientation material is up to date
  • Lead the general safety meetings and stand down/up on site for both shifts and document them
  • Attend pre- job meetings and bring up any safety issue to the crew
  • Prepare and lead the weekly safety meeting
  • Ensure all general and weekly safety meeting are documented and kept in HSE office
  • Communicate safety Alerts received from company and client in the daily safety meeting and post the alerts on the site safety boards
  • Keep an up to date HARC file on rig for all segments activities;
  • Assist in HARC review for PTW pre-job meetings;
  • Develop and implement visual HARC for activities on site;
  • Follow up on deployment of H2S equipment on site and inspection plan
  • Ensure H2S equipment layout on site is properly mapped and displayed on site.
  • Ensure H2S equipment on site are properly maintained; inventoried and accessible in case of emergency
  • Ensure new employees are refreshed on arrival to site on use of H2S breathing apparatus (SCBA/ SABA).
  • Ensure H2S equipment are deployed as per the H2S plan.
  • Ensure that H2S equipment are inspected as per the plan
  • Follow up on implementation of H2S drills as per the drills schedule
  • Prepare the site fire attack plan
  • Display the site and camp fire attack plan in offices and rooms
  • Ensure all fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are inventoried and inspected
  • Identify the fire emergency response team on site and display the team list
  • Follow up on implementation of fire drills as per the drills schedule
  • Conduct the site fire plan inspection
  • Follow on implementation of PTW on site as per PTW procedure of the site
  • Ensure enough PTW booklets are available on site
  • Follow up on the daily PTW issued and update the site PTW register
  • Ensure PTW folder is updated and maintained
  • Ensure that mobile lifting equipment on site (Forklift; crane) are inspected daily and checklist are completed by operators; reviewed by HSE officer and filed in HSE office.
  • Prepare and update the site lifting equipment register
  • Obtain certificates of all lifting equipment on site
  • Follow up on compliance of equipment on site with lifting color code
  • Control crane; forklift operators and riggers certifications and update the lifting register
  • Ensure lift plans procedure is properly followed on site
  • Prepare the working at height equipment register
  • Conduct inspection of WAH equipment (harness; fall blocks; lanyards; platforms and scaffolds…)
  • Obtain certificates of all WAH equipment and scaffolds and file them in HSE office
  • Conduct WAH inspection as per inspection schedule
  • Implement the DROPS procedure and conduct the DROPS inspection
  • Conduct daily inspection on PPE and report non compliances
  • Ensure crew adherence with PPE as per task risks
  • Ensure minimum stock of PPE is kept on site as per company and client Requirements
  • Follow up on implementation of waste disposal procedure
  • Ensure all hazardous wastes are documented with disposal notice
  • Follow up on spills prevention plan and highlight any substandard conditions in the daily safety meeting
  • Ensure spill kits are put in appropriate place and inspected
  • Identify the site spill emergency response team
  • Ensure all chemicals on site have MSDS available on site
  • Ensure MSDS are available on chemicals yards
  • Conduct chemicals inspection as per inspection plan
  • Follow up with site coordinator on implementation of site drills plan
  • Prepare the drills reports and share lessons learned with team on site
  • Promote HSE reporting culture on site
  • Ensure HSE reports submitted by employees are reviewed in the daily safety meetings
  • Follow up on close out of HSE reports and update the HSE report register
  • Ensure HSE cards are available on site;
  • Follow up on the implementation of recognition program on site
  • Conduct safety inspection on site as per inspection plan
  • Document safety inspection and review reports with site coordinator and client representative on site
  • Communicate inspection reports and status of RWP to management with daily HSE reports
  • Update the site inspection actions register and perform follow up on close out
  • Prepare the daily HSE activities reports (HSE score cards; minutes of daily/weekly safety meeting; minutes of inspections and drills)
  • Send the daily HSE activities reports to management
  • Follow up on contractors employees on site for compliance with company policies and standards (PPE; driving; mechanical lifting; H2S ….)
  • Ensure proper documentation of HSE activities conducted on site are kept in folders in HSE office


Qualifications & Experience

  • The Rigless Safety Coordinator should have experiences relevant to the nature of the project and typically at least 7 years Oilfield seniority in appropriate position/s
  • Applicants must be fluent in English and Hindi or a regional language
  • Completed NEBOSH General certificate
  • Shows visible commitment and be seen as leader towards QHSE at all times
  • Demonstrate good understanding of the company HSE policies and standards
  • Be motivated with good communication with rig personnel and client representative
  • Full knowledge about implementation and follow of rigless HSE plans on site
  • Works in alignment with company and client in achieving No Accidents target on site
  • Promote the observation and intervention; and STOP culture within the team


Interested and qualified candidates should apply through the link below.



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