HSE NEWS: Safety concerns in Jupiter farm after being flooded


Louisa Zivilica is back in her home in Jupiter Farms after being forced to spend a night at a hotel because of flooding.

Zivilica’s home and other homes along 182nd Road are surrounded by water.

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The only way to get in and out is by friendly neighbors with big trucks.

“Literally, I left my car of the main road and one of my neighbors which is here with us drove me to my driveway so I can get into my house,” said Zivilica.

Residents tell WPBF 25 News the water has not receded much and they have not received much help since the storm.

Residents also tell WPBF 25 News that tree limbs still sit in piles out front, and no mail has been delivered for weeks.

A growing concern is septic tanks.

“The water is dark brown. We have no idea what’s in the water and no idea what its doing to our septic systems. Disease, Vermin, animals,” said neighbor Michelle Dubester, who lives across the street.

In addition, Zivilica said she is worried about the health and safety of her and children who live here.

“I have heart condition. What happens if something happens and we have to get 911? Where’s 911 going? They can’t get here,” said Zivilica.

Residents said they have reached out to county leaders to address their concerns.

Meanwhile, they are waiting and hoping for the water around their homes to recede soon.

Source: Wpbf.com


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