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Safety Act Illinois Or Safe-T Act Illinois

There is a current search trend on google – Safe-T Act Illinois; however some persons type Safety Act Illinois instead.

HSEWatch team get to notice this during its routine keyword search. What we get to notice is that both persons searching for Safe-T Act Illinois and those searching for Safety Act Illinois are both looking for the same information.

Lets us talk about the Safe-T Act Illinois;

Safe-T Act Illinois

Safe-T Act Illinois is all about – The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today Act. Illinois comes in because it is an Illinois statute enacted in 2021 that makes a number of reforms to the criminal justice system, affecting policing, pretrial detention and bail, sentencing, and corrections.

The Act’s section on pretrial detention, which is set to take effect on January 1, 2023, is sometimes called the Pretrial Fairness Act, after the name of a proposed bill which was incorporated into the omnibus legislation.

There has been reactions from different quarters with different view:

In Quora someone asked this – Is the state of Illinois putting the rights of criminals ahead of the citizens with the new safety act beginning in January 2023?

Here is one striking response to this question;

Response Link (NOTE – This is not the position of HSEWatch )

Did you hear the mayor explain what these new laws mean for ordinary, law abiding taxpayers of that state? Let me break it down a bit.

No cash bail for charges up too and including 2ND DEGREE MURDER! But also rape, kidnapping, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and more. What “no cash bail” means, is the criminals are RELEASED back on our streets until a trial begins! They literally WALL out the door, and either finish what they started, and murder their victims to prevent them from testifying, or they just leave and never come back!

This is pure lunacy! But it gets worse!

Since many activities are no longer considered crimes by democrats, or fall under the no cash bail, a lot of criminals are not even arrested anymore. The police don’t want to risk their lives by charging a criminal with a crime, only to watch them leave custody a few days later. Remember, even second degree murderers WALK out of jail! So the police don’t arrest people. Or, because of the libtards war on police, many have taken early retirement, or just quit. W

hy do one of the most dangerous and difficult jobs in America, as the left paints targets on your back, calling you a racist pig that deserves to be attacked? So police agencies are extremely under staffed, and the police that are still working, are too busy watching their backs to care about you. Thanks demoncraps! But it actually gets worse.

Starting on January 1st 2023, the police are no longer allowed to remove people from private property. Read that again. The POLICE are not allowed to remove trespassers from private property! This means that someone can literally walk into your home, go upstairs to the bedroom of your teenaged daughter, and climb in her bed! If laying in bed with her is all he does, then the police are BARRED from removing the guy. They can ONLY issue him with a trespass ticket! It’s up to the home owner to decide how to get the man out of their kids bed and how much force they can use, if any.

This same stupidly goes for businesses. Someone could literally walk into your privately owned café, and declare it their new home. They can stay as long as they like, because the police can’t arrest them!

This kind of left wing lunacy, is intentional, they need to cause total chaos and fear, to force scared people to seek out a savior in government. They tried with biden, but based on his hitlarian fail, he is not the guy. But it doesn’t matter who’s face is on the picture at all. They just need people scared enough and hungry enough, that they agree to give up their God given rights, so the new “One World” government order can finally rule us all, with compassion and equality for all.

But most of all, by cleaning up the mess made by man to the environment. And since it’s actually impossible to make every human equally rich through redistribution of our money to poor people through high, excessive taxis in the 70% range, they will instead make everyone equally poor. Well except themselves of course!

Isn’t liberalism great! (Reference)


Safety Act Illinois

When we talk about safety act, as stated in the ILO (International Labour Organization):

Objectives of safety act (Occupational Health and Safety Act)

The objectives of this Act are to improve the working environment and working conditions in
order to ensure and maintain the working capacity of employees as well as to prevent
occupational accidents and diseases and eliminate other hazards from work and the working
environment to the physical and mental health, hereinafter referred to as health, of

General scope of application of safety act

(1) This Act applies to work carried out under the terms of an employment contract and to work
carried out in an employment relationship in the public sector or in comparable service
relation subject to public law.

(2) This Act does not apply to ordinary hobby activities or professional sports activities.

(3) This Act imposes obligations on employers and employees as parties to the legal
relationship referred to in subsection 1 in the manner provided below.

(4) In addition to the provisions of this Act, the provisions of other applicable statutes regarding
occupational safety and health in certain kinds of work activities shall be observed.

Application of the Act to leased labour

(1) Anyone who has labour employed by someone else (leased labour) under their direction is
required during the work to observe the provisions of this Act regarding employers.

(2) Before starting the work, the recipient of labour shall define the occupational qualifications
required for the leased labour and the specific features of the work with adequate precision
and communicate these circumstances to the employer of the leased employees. The
employer shall inform the employees of these circumstances and especially ensure that the
leased employees have adequate occupational skills and experience and that they are fit for
the work concerned.

(3) The recipient of labour shall especially take care of orienting the employees into the work
and the working conditions of the workplace, to the occupational safety and health
procedures and, when necessary, to the arrangements for cooperation and information on
occupational safety and health and for occupational health care.

(4) Further provisions on the obligations of the recipient of labour and the employer of leased
employees referred to in subsections 2 and 3 may be given by Government decree.

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In conclusion, though Safety Act Illinois and Safe-T Act Illinois are pronounced the same way, they are completely different.

So take note of the different spelling and what they represent.


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