15 Necessary Precaution To Ensure Safe Use Of Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment is one of the most used equipment in our various workplaces; use them well and you derive its benefit, but use them wrongly and you face the consequence of poor usage.

The consequence of poor usage of electrical equipment could come in different forms like: Electric shock, burns, fire and electrocution.

It is very important to use electrical equipment safely to derive full benefit from it.

Precaution To Ensure Safe Use Of Electrical Equipment

Here are some things to do to ensure safe use of electrical equipment:

  1. Ensure timely inspection of all electrical equipment before use, during use and after use. Make use of a 5-minute portable electrical equipment checklist to inspect the electrical equipment.
  2. Ensure safe handling of the equipment. Electrical equipment should never be held by the wire while conveying it nor should it be dragged by the wire when pulling it out from the socket.
  3. Do not pass the wire on the floor where they could be exposed to damage by moving equipment.
  4. Do not pass wires through water as much as possible. The wires can be suspended where possible.
  5. Avoid use of damaged electrical equipment. When any fault has been spotted, a prompt repair should be carried out.
  6. Avoid unauthorized repair of electrical equipment.
  7. Frayed wires, plugs or socket should not be kept in use.
  8. Electrical equipment should only be used based on design specification.
  9. Avoid overload of sockets.
  10. Avoid dangerous improvise.
  11. Always adopt double insulation of electrical wires.
  12. Do not use exposed, un-insulated wires.
  13. Avoid working in a wet/damp condition using electrical equipment while using a leaky boot which could allow penetration of water.
  14. Avoid working with electrical equipment under wet/damp condition as far as reasonably practicable. If you must, necessary safety measures should be put in place as highlighted in number 4 and 13, etc.
  15. Make sure electrical equipment are unplugged from the socket and return to a safe location when not in use to prevent unauthorized use of the equipment.

Always ensure safe use of electrical equipment as much as possible.