41 Safe Driving Tips You Must Apply While Driving

Safe Driving Tips

I will highlight 41 Safe Driving Tips. Stay put and follow through, you can’t afford to miss any point.

41 Safe Driving Tips You Must Apply While Driving

  1. Respect the yellow light – It serves as a caution
  2. Over-confidence kills, avoid it while driving.
  3. Do not drink and drive – This will impair your sense of judgment.
  4. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front – Avoid tailgating
  5. Avoid unnecessary braking
  6. Hold the steering correctly – Hold it with your two (2) hands
  7. Get checked – Ensure routine checks on your vehicle always
  8. Obey road signs and speed limit – They are there to guide you
  9. Drive responsibly – Don’t be careless on the road
  10. Always use your seat belt – It may be your lifesaver
  11. Avoid distracted driving – Don’t be distracted by your phone, vehicle gadget, or any other mobile device.
  12. Stay alert – Maintain 100% concentration
  13. Obey speed limit – Overpeeding gives you very little time to react in case of a sudden occurrence.
  14. Set your car for convenience. This includes adjusting your sit, your side mirror, and rear mirror; it will make your journey less stressful
  15. When driving under misty conditions, make sure your headlight is on
  16. Never forget your trafficator; put it at a safe distance before changing direction
  17. When the traffic light shows green, you must not move immediately. Check around before you move (Correct meaning of the colors of the traffic light)
  18. Never expect other drivers to do the right thing
  19. Always plan your journey. Leave early so that you will not find yourself in a hurry, and make provision for breaks.
  20. Beware of wet roads; always move at a considerable speed while driving on a wet road.
  21. Know that your braking distance is directly proportional to your speed. The higher the speed, the longer the braking distance.
  22. If you feel sleepy or dizzy while driving, pull over to take a short nap
  23. If you must take a short nap, do that in a safe area.
  24. Never try to retrieve items that fall on the floor while still driving
  25. Discourage children from playing around when driving; they should be settled and well-buckled.
  26. Listen for emergency vehicles; always give way to emergency vehicles with sirens.
  27. Be pre-emptive in your driving. Always think ahead, and predict what could be the next driver’s possible move. By so doing you will be ready to react.
  28. Secure cargo that may move around while the vehicle is in motion.
  29. Ensure that your vehicle tyres are in good condition
  30. Ensure a safe inflation limit on your tyres – All tires have their inflation limit; know yours.
  31. Never overload your vehicle. Every tyre has a maximum load capacity.
  32. Avoid assumption
  33. Exercise patience
  34. Be predictable
  35. Be sure of where you are going, do not portray indecisiveness on the road. It is one of the major causes of accidents.
  36. Always understand that you are sharing the road with other road users. Respect other road users.
  37. If your site is bad, driving is not for you either in the daytime or at night
  38. Drive only when you are physically and emotionally fit to do so.
  39. If you must drive at night, make sure your headlight is good.
  40. Avoid driving on an unknown route at night. If you must drive, you need to apply extra caution.
  41. Never use reverse to enter into a major road.

Safe driving tips are simple do’s/don’ts you should apply while driving. Staying safe is one thing no one can do for you – Hence, apply the safe driving tips and stay safe.

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