Riser Room Sign; What it Looks Like and How to Get it

Riser Room Sign

The riser room sign helps you identify a riser room even when you do not enter the room.

As we know, the riser room is the room or designated space where the control room of the fire sprinkler system is kept. It is where above-ground vertical supply pipes (system risers) connect the water supply to the fire sprinkler system’s cross and/or feed mains and where the system’s pressure and water are monitored and controlled. These system risers contain the pressure gauges, control valves, water flow alarms, and main drains for the sprinkler system.

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Why Is It Called A Riser Room

It is called a riser room because it contains the ‘System Riser’. The System riser is “The above-ground horizontal or vertical pipe between the water supply and the mains (cross or feed) that contains a control valve (either directly or within its supply pipe), a pressure gauge, a main drain, and a water-flow alarm device.”

The Riser Room Sign

Here we will give samples of a typical riser room sign.

Typically, the sign contains a white write-up in a red rectangular background. However, some take a black background with a white write-up while others take a white background with the write-up in red.

Here is a sample of a Riser Room Sign:

Riser Room Sign

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These signs are always posted on the door or wall of the riser room. So to identify the riser room, you just need to look out for these signs.

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Where to get the signs

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