HSE Resume: Why you are still unemployed as a HSE Professional


Resume of a HSE professional is a very important document which should be well planned, structured and designed.

The same way individuals in other professions pay good attention to the structure, design and content of their resumes, a HSE professional should also pay attention to his.

Now the question: Is there any difference between a professional and the HSE Resume?

The answer is YES and NO depending on the context.

Let me start by explaining:

NO: They are the same with that of other profession when it comes to the structure and design. A structure of a resume of a marketer or a Clinician can be adopted by a HSE professional.

YES: The HSE Resume is different from other profession in terms of the content.

For instance, you cannot use a Resume you designed to apply for a job as a Mechanical Engineer to apply for a HSE Officer job even though you have HSE qualifications highlighted in it.

Also trying to merge all your qualifications, experience and skills may make your Resume very bulky, making it needful to make it job specific. Remember, recruiters have a lot of Resume to review when recruiting; they do not have time to read the whole content. So making it very bulky may make it difficult for recruiters to pick the highlights of your qualifications needed for the job which could lead to your disqualification.

I will advise that you have different Resume’s depending on job specifics. By doing so, you will have the room to write your career objectives in the field you are applying for. You will have the room to enumerate your skill and expertise, previous experiences and responsibilities based on the job specifics. This will make you Resume stand out among the rest and catch the attention of a recruiter during his limited time of perusal.

Note that a poor planned and structured HSE Resume can disqualify you. No matter the experience enumerated in it, if not well planned and structured, it will just be a futile effort.

See samples here..

Do you need to break your unemployment streak as a HSE professional?

Dwell on packaging a professional and eye catching HSE Resume.

If you cannot do that by yourself, there are professional writers, hire one to package it for you with limited cost.

It is better to spend a token to break your unemployment streak if necessary.

Good luck.


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