Purchasing a Villa in Dubai: Seven Things to Consider

Purchasing a Villa in Dubai – Villas are exquisite housing options and offer a very rich and premium lifestyle. This article was set up for all those who want to buy a sea view villa in Dubai. It aims to provide a guide on the top seven (7) things to check out when hunting for a villa house. By following this guide, you can avoid the common pitfalls buyers experience and make the best decisions concerning your purchase. It will also help you save money on a substandard property. If you have more questions after finishing this, please get additional info or read more on the official website Emirates.Estate.

Purchasing a Villa in Dubai – The Clues to Look for

Tip One

The first tip is to use all the information available at your disposal. For example, a simple way to do this is to utilize a real estate aggregator’s website. What is a real estate aggregator’s website, you may ask? It is a site that allows you to preview properties listed on multiple websites from multiple sources and multiple vendors. This website allows you to access a vast option of properties and does not limit your search to one area or property type. You can use filter options to make your search easier; the above-mentioned real estate aggregator is one such website.

Tip Two

After using the website, you must step up your game by comparing property units and their respective prices. This will give you a more balanced view of the market price and help you to detect overpriced units at one glance. It also allows you to narrow your searches through pricing options or based on facilities, features, locations, etc. You can get a notepad and take a few minutes to check the price range of properties with specific features and move on from there.

Tip Three

Once you have jotted down your desired property type and its price range, it is time to make the next crucial move: contacting the vendors of your earmarked options. In making contacts, you have to be careful not to sound like a rookie or desperate person. In all of your meetings, phone conversations, or email, whatever means you use, demand clarity and be sure of the contract terms, the cost, its negotiability or otherwise, etc. Seek clarity, and where it cannot be offered, feel free to let go.

Tip Four

Now, it is time to move on to the next stage, inspection time! You may have contacted a couple of sellers and learned their varying terms and the contracts amounts, etc., but your search would be significantly handicapped if you didn’t inspect the property yourself. By reaching this level, you should have narrowed down your option to about 2 -5 units. Then you should schedule a visit to these properties to get a glimpse of the properties and see them in real time-real life.

Tip Five

Next up is to involve an estate valuer to inspect the premises. Except you are very good with property building and rebuilding/remodeling or renovations, never assume the cost of renovation from your own estimate; you may need to be corrected. Invite an estate evaluator to look at the top 3 of the properties or less that appeal to you the most. This step will enable you to know the maintenance cost and renovation costs, if any.

Tip Six

Once you have done all of the necessary inspections and are now sure about which property to purchase, the next step is to perfect the documentary stage and confirm all of the contract terms. It would be best if you endeavored to read it in advance and get a full idea of how final the agreement is. Additionally, you may want to get a lawyerly review of words you need help understanding before you finalize the agreement.

To sum up – Tip Seven

Lastly, it is time to make it legal, seal the deed, sign all of the documents, and pay the requisite fee. If you are buying a villa, remember to have it registered at the requisite government institution because only then will your rights be deemed perfect.

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