JOBS: PTW Coordinator Abidjan Global Energy Ventures


Position: PTW Coordinator Abidjan

Location: Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Working Locations: Offshore

Job Type: Contract

a)                   Prepares and participates in Permit to Work (PTW) coordination meetings.

b)                  Ensures no conflict of interest between work tasks requests via SIMOPS.

c)                   Checks that work permits are filled out clearly and precisely in readiness for the PTW meeting.

d)                  Constantly monitors the volume of work permits issued – most critically, Hotwork – and liaises with OIM to maintain safe operation of asset.

e)                  Ensures the hot work permits have all accompanying check lists/ control lists submitted.

f)                    Ensures all work permits are fully approved before commencement of any work permit related task or operation.

g)                   Ensures all work permits have an appropriate Risk Assessment attached.

h)                  Ensures that all required complementary documents/certificates including, risk assessments, MSDS and isolation certificates are fully approved and attached to any work permit.

i)                    Checks that appropriate Gas Detectors are issued to PTW users and that the required competencies are in place to operate and monitor the device(s).

j)                    Keeps a log of all registered AGT users and ensures ongoing training with the Onboard Trainer as required.

k)                   Assists with the Risk Assessment process as required and maintains a database of all previously used Risk Assessments so that they can be retrieved for future possible use.

l)                    Ensures that copies of the PTW are displayed or filed at the required locations.

m)                Keeps track of valid work permits and ensures closure of work permits on completion of task or operation.

n)                  Ensures expired work permits are closed, cancelled or renewed as required.

o)                  Gives advice to all signatories of the work permit on any aspect of work on site that has high-risk potential.

p)                  Collates and records relevant work permit data and updates the permit register within 1 hour of permit being issued.

q)                  Establishes accurate records and filing of PTW information in retrievable / accessible manner.

r)                    Responsible for and ensures strict adherence to LOB procedures and good practice.

s)                   Ensures no Permit that has an isolation attached is issued without a LOB key.

t)                    Ensures all cancelled Permits and associated documents are archived correctly as per client Document Retention Policy.

u)                  Audits the PTW System on site and checks compliance with the HSE Management System.

v)                   Performs any other work of a similar nature as may be requested by client Management Services.

w)                 Takes part and contributes meaningfully during PTW review meeting.

x)                   Ensures strict implementation of PTW rules at work locations.

y)                   Ensures PTWs are properly displayed at work locations and adequately sheathed from adverse weather conditions in permit wallets.

z)                   Assists other departments with PTW training tasks as required.

aa)               Assists other Department as required without compromising PTW delivery schedules and targets.


Principal accountabilities

a)                   Supervises, schedules, prioritises, assigns, trains, and reviews the work assigned to employees with all Dept Superintendents.

b)                  Plans, directs, and participates in the permit process including processing applications, and tracking.

c)                   Acts as point of contact for any contractor’s or vendor’s technicians.

d)                  Plans revalidation of permits submitted to the permit meetings.

e)                  Provides information and assistance to the on-board personnel with regards to the PTW System.

f)                    Ensures stationary stocks for permits are maintained and ordered as required.

g)                   Performs related duties and responsibilities as required and directed by the Production Superintendent (deputy OIM) and or Offshore Installation Manager (OIM).


key authorities

a)                   Serves as the PTW Coordinator.

b)                  Supervises and coordinates personnel performing Audits on other work as required.

c)                   Responsible for tracking all pending permits through the development/ review process.

d)                  Assumes Emergency Response role as defined in Competence Profile for this position.


Qualifications and experience


a)                   Sound knowledge of Exploration and Production Industry.

b)                  Minimum 5 years FPSO operational experience in a similar role or has the ability to demonstrate a sound background in facility operations.

c)                   Has strong previous experience and exposure to PTW systems.

d)                  Has the ability to lead.



a)                   Verifiable experience in the use of Microsoft Office.

b)                  Fluent in English, strong communication skills.

c)                   Must have strong FPSO background.

d)                  Good understanding of SMS with particular focus on Isolation standards, Lock Out Tag Out procedures and PTW rules.

e)                  Medical – OGUK approved / Offshore Survival – OPITO approved / MIST – preferred but not essential / Yellow Fever certificate / Relevant trade certs – NVQ / City & Guilds / Valid passport


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