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7 Pinch Point Hazards in the Workplace

Pinch Point Hazards
Pinch point hazards in the workplace might not seem like much of an immediate threat to your safety - but that’s not the case!...

What Welfare Facilities are Required on Site

What Welfare Facilities are Required on Site
Welfare facilities are those facilities that are necessary for the well-being of employees, such as washing points, toilets, rest and changing facilities, and somewhere...

7 Tips To Prevent Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence
How you can help prevent workplace violence before it happens and what you should do if you become the target of workplace violence is...

Health and Safety Induction For New Employees: A Guide

Health and Safety Induction For New Employees
Health and safety induction is designed to help new employees get up to speed on health and safety regulations in their workplace, as well...

55 Power Tools Safety Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Power tools safety tips
In this article, we will be considering "Power Tools Safety". With so many power tools on the market, it can be hard to know...

10 Tips for Maintaining Health and Safety in a Construction Site

Construction Site Safety Tips
A construction site, no matter how small or large, is an extremely dangerous environment to work in. There are countless risks around every corner,...

What Is HSE Public Liability Insurance and Do You Need It?

HSE Public Liability Insurance
The phrase public liability may conjure up images of dodgy insurance salesmen and their high-pressure tactics, but public liability insurance can be extremely useful...

5 Tips to Stay Safe on a College Campus

Tips to Stay Safe on a College Campus
Going to college is an exciting experience, not only for the student but for the whole family. It marks the beginning of a period...

3 Most Common House Fire Causes

House Fire
No one would argue that the modern lifestyle is much safer than it was even a couple of dozens of years ago. Let alone...

3 Most Important Smart Home Safety Devices

Smart Home Safety Technology
The need for safety is one of the fundamental human needs. It forced us to change the environment and helped us progress. Now, our...