Operational Safety Manager Job – Rio De Janeiro, Brasil


Operational Safety Manager Job – Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

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Job Description

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This Operational Safety Manager position is part of the Operational S&E discipline.

This role implements and leads appropriate systems to deliver top S&E performance. It develops and mentors a team of S&E Technicians to help assets deliver on S&E targets. Creates a culture where all asset employees are S&E leaders. It includes the development of safety behavioral capability in Upstream Deepwater Brazil.

The successful candidate will work with the Operational Safety team to deliver Brazil S&E Plan supporting Operations Managers and Logistics Managers to continuous improvement in the overall S&E performance. It includes supporting its businesses in full compliance with the S&E Control framework and all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

This role will liaise with the HR department to manage S&E Corporate matters. It means assuring that reliable Occupational Safety information is being delivered to e-Social system platform from Brazil Government. Also, it includes representing Shell Brasil Petroleo Ltda to Ministry of Labor as Safety Engineer leader in the SESMT (Serviço Especializado de Segurança e Medicina do Trabalho).

Purpose & Accountabilities:

  • Act as Safety Officer in The Incident Command System.
  • Coordinating S&E Program development including Contractor S&E performance and implementation within the region.
  • Coach Leaders to improve Safety Culture in Deep Water operations.
  • Support Onshore and Offshore Projects through various improvement projects and initiatives in Operational Safety.
  • Building long-lasting and constructive internal and external relationships.
  • Support S&E GM in the Leadership Journey development.
  • Support S&E GM to cascade the Safety Leadership plan throughout the organization.
  • Organize and implement Frontline Safety Leadership program.
  • Support behavioral and operational safety programs, including Safety Leadership and Near Misses reporting, seeking for improvements on the business safety’s culture.
  • Connect with different networks abroad seeking for market best practices and share the learning with Brasil Leadership.
  • Focal point for Behavioral Safety Network in Brazil.
  • Act as a Safety Officer deputy in The Incident Command System.

Key deliverables will be:

  • Deliver S&E performance targets and develop and deliver S&E plans.
  • Translate business S&E strategy, making practical plans and actions for front line application.
  • Integrate/coordinate across multiple S&E disciplines, businesses, and functions.
  • Support, challenge and advise to the line.
  • Support and develop a line that is capable of integrating S&E into all day to day activities.
  • As a team leader, will lead, coach, and develop S&E technicians, build their skill development plan, career path and rotation in and out of the line.
  • Lead, manage and prioritize S&E activities to deliver plans.
  • Carry out audits, incident investigations through approved techniques (Causal Learning, Tripod Beta, TapRoot) and reviews.
  • Implement and improve effectiveness of DW significant and high potential incidents reviews and leanings from incident practices.
  • General integrated S&E leadership, functional support, oversight, training and assurance across a Region.
  • Interface between asset/facility and in-country discipline experts.
  • Implement Worksite Hazard Management across DW operations.
  • Local SME for the related Operational Safety and S&E Corporate Safety Standards.
  • Act as Road Transport focal Point working together Road Transport Authority sit in Logistics Operations.
  • Provide Operational Safety Expertise to Deep Water operations – Production, Logistics and Materials Management.


  • Direct interact with all operations managers and Project Leaders, mainly with B&S Asset Manager, Parque das Conchas Asset Manager, Materials Manager (warehouses) and Logistics Manager.
  • Accountable for the Operational Safety and S&E Corporate budget providing assurance for the GM S&E Manager.
  • Supervisory responsibilities for a team of S&E Techs.
  • Direct operational support to FPSO Fluminense, FPSO Espirito Santo and all Logistics Operations.
  • Direct S&E Corporate support working close to HR, Shell Health, Corporate Security, Asset Protection, CIPA and SESMT.


  • Mandatory to have a Safety Engineering degree and hold a valid CREA;
  • Desirable to have a MSc. in Safety Engineering or equivalent;
  • Fluency in English and Portuguese is required;
  • Extensive professional experience (minimum of 15 years) in high risk industries;
  • Experience in Operational S&E role is desired;
  • Courage to intervene and challenge status quo;
  • Skilled in effective business processes to manage a Safety Culture step change;
  • Ability to work with multiple levels in the organization and network with other companies and businesses.;
  • Able to communicate across cultures and good inter-personal communication skills
  • Experience in manage contractors;
  • Proactive and forward thinker;
  • Strong S&E background and skilled on Incident classification, Investigation and Reporting; and Performance Management and Monitoring;
  • Strong consulting skills are important;
  • Demonstrated Enterprise First behaviors.


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