Deslog Energy: Oil and Gas Onshore/Offshore Rig Entry Level Job Training

Oil and Gas Onshore/Offshore Rig Entry Level Job Training
Deslog Energy Services Limited in partnership with Great Wall Drilling company Abu Dhabi (a member of IADC & IWCF) is set to train young Nigerians between the age of 16 & 50 years in oil and gas onshore/offshore Roustabout Job skills that will definitely boost their chances of employment into the oil & gas upstream sector in Nigeria and abroad.
Roustabout is typically an entry-level position in the oil and gas industry (upstream sector) which does not require a special university/polytechnic education or profession. In order words you may not be a graduate or an engineer or a science oriented person to take up a roustabout job. General duties of a roustabout includes but is not limited to; loading and offloading boats, assisting the crane operator in moving equipment around the rig, involving in helicopter landing operations and assisting all other crew members as needed. A large part of a roustabout’s work load consists of cleaning and general maintenance of the rig e.t.c.
Statistics has shown that roustabouts usually turn out to be long-term employees and take on more difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs as they gain experience. A roustabout can progress his career up to assistant driller or even driller within 3 years of joining the establishment.
Basic Rig Training course for roustabouts has been designed to prepare students to undertake roustabout duties and job responsibilities in the onshore/offshore rig. You will be trained on the practical and the theoretical path and challenges and also how to immediately start to apply your technical knowledge to live projects in the industry. During training, students will be exposed to true knowledge of basic rig activities, the exact task required by a roustabout and their safety.
We are glad to partner with Greatwall Drilling Company Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation & member of IADC and IWCF company operating in more than 22 countries of the world to bring this wonderful opportunity to your door step…



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