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7 Reasons Why You Need A NEBOSH Certificate


Why You Need A NEBOSH Certificate?

  1. NEBOSH is an internationally recognized examination body; it is an embodiment of knowledge for all Health and safety professionals.
  2. They offer courses that are integral to the development of Health and Safety professionals.
  3. With its wide acceptance, it can be used anywhere within the globe.
  4. NEBOSH courses are part of the basic requirement for Health and safety jobs. If you are to position yourself well for the few jobs available, you need to possess the NEBOSH certificate.
  5. Possessing a NEBOSH certificate sets you ahead of your contemporaries in the HSE profession.
  6. Possession of the NEBOSH certification means better pay.
  7. Since the NEBOSH certification exposes you to good training and Health and Safety best practices around the globe, it makes you to be an authority in the field of Health and Safety.


NEBOSH has a wide range of courses, from:

  • NEBOSH Occupational health and safety certificate
  • NEBOSH Occupational Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
  • NEBOSH environmental certificate
  • NEBOSH environmental diploma
  • NEBOSH construction certificate
  • NEBOSH oil and gas certificate, etc.

Enroll for any course of interest to you.

The NEBOSH courses are very important but costly; that means you need the right information before you enroll for them. Enrolling blindly my result to failure and loss of your money, this is why HSEwatch has compiled very interesting article about NEBOSH as an examination body, NEBOSH examination, and other articles that will guide you to successfully acquiring a NEBOSH qualification.

These articles include:

20 Amazing tips to pass the NEBOSH IGC exams

7 reasons why people fail NEBOSH exams

NEBOSH courses providers in Nigeria

Frequently asked questions about NEBOSH international diploma and answers


These articles are cornerstone contents. They capture information you need in your pursuit of the NEBOSH certification in any area of interest.


So I will advise that you take out time to read these articles painstakingly to derive the information packaged for you.

If Health and safety is your passion; develop your competence to the peak. Put yourself ahead of others in the profession. To do so, you need the right information. Such information is what you will derive from reading these articles highlighted above.

Good Luck

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