Mobile crane accident – 6 Preventable causes

Mobile crane accident

Mobile crane accident:

This mobile crane fell while trying to list the bill board frame.

As Health and Safety professionals every accident is a learning opportunity.

Let us consider why the mobile crane fell:

  1. It could be caused by inexperience: All equipment must be operated by experiences personnel to prevent accident.
  2. Stationing the mobile crane on an un-even ground: This will cause the crane to be unstable which can make it fall.
  3. Negligence of safety control: All lifting equipment has an inbuilt safety control. The crane normally produces a beeping sound (Alarm) when it is overloaded, probably this alarm was ignored.
  4. Unsafe load
  5. Poor supervision
  6. Poor equipment maintenance.

Above are the common reason which could make a mobile crane to fall. To prevent re-occurrence of such incident, we must work on the causes to eliminate them.

All we need to do is the do the opposite of what caused the mobile crane to fall.

Don’t Forget: This can happen anywhere and at anytime if control measures are not put in place.


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