MEWP inspection: Factors to consider & Inspection steps

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MEWP inspection is done to ensure that the mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) is safe to operate before it is used. The MEWP inspection cover initial inspections, when the MEWP is first brought on-site; immediately after service, maintenance, or repair; and pre-use inspections before each shift.

Pre-use inspection checklist PDF

MEWP Inspection

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A programme of daily visual checks, regular inspections and servicing schedules should be established in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the risks associated with each MEWP. Operators should also be encouraged to report defects or problems. The MEWP must be thoroughly examined at least every six months by a competent person or in accordance with an examination scheme drawn up by such a competent person.

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Factors that determine the type, extent and frequency of inspection of MEWP

The type, extent and frequency of inspection to be carried out on a MEWP should be determined after considering the following factors:

  • Manufacturer’s recommendations or in their absence, the recommendations of a competent person, such as an engineer.
  • Recommendations from published technical standards relevant to MEWPs.
  • The age and history of the MEWP, including the number of hours of operation and its history of utilisation.
  • The manner in which the MEWP has been used, transported, and stored that may have increased the likelihood of fatigue or wear on the MEWP.
  • The conditions in which the MEWP operates and has been operated – for example, in a wet/humid environment that can contribute to corrosion.
  • Whether there are parts on the MEWP that may be prone to failure or high wear – the manufacturer, supplier, authorised repairer, or a suitably competent person may provide information on parts which need to be more frequently monitored and replaced.

IPAF Guidance for Major Inspections of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (UKBJ 0514-001 EN) PDF

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At every level of inspection, the use of a pre-designed elevating work platform safety checklist will serve as guide throughout the process.

How to carry out MEWP inspection

To carry out this inspection successfully, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Determine the type and extent of the inspection using the guide mentioned earlier in this article.
  2. Use a pre-designed checklist or design a checklist that will suite the type and the extent of the inspection.
  3. Submit the report of the inspection and document it.
  4. The report of the inspection must be implemented in a timely fashion.

NOTE: Inspection must be done by a competent person.


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