OAP Matilda Duncan Diagnosed With Peritonitis, Asks for Prayers

OAP Matilda Duncan Diagnosed With Peritonitis, Asks for Prayers
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Media personality, Matilda Duncan, has revealed that she has been diagnosed with peritonitis, as she asks her fans to pray for her.

According to online medical sources, peritonitis is usually infectious and often life-threatening. It’s caused by leakage or a hole in the intestines, such as from a burst appendix.

“Even if the fluid is sterile, inflammation can occur; and symptoms usually include pain, tenderness, rigid abdominal muscles, fever, nausea and vomiting.

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“Antibiotics are almost always required, along with surgery or drainage,” medics say.

Matilda, who is a sister to Nollywood actor Mofe Duncan, took to her Instagram page on Monday to reveal her diagnosis, as she shared a picture of herself at the hospital.

The radio show host with Classic FM wrote, “The Devil trying to pause my celebration, #Stillhelies #STILLiStand. After 19 hours of the most excruciating pain, they finally put down their report. Theirs not Mine.

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“#Peritonitis. I finally get a minute to check on you all. Well! here’s my update. Please, Keep Me in your prayers, that’s all I ask.”

Matilda shared this diagnosis two days after she and her siblings celebrated their father, Prof. Thomas Duncan, who turned 90 on Saturday.

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