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Manual handling training online

Manual handling training online is a flexible training package for individuals and employers who do not want to go through the stress of attending class based training.

The two (2) major advantage of the manual handling training online are:

  • It is flexible and
  • Cheaper than class based training

I will mention some trainers who fall into this training category, with their course content with enrollment link.

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iHASCO Trainer

1) Your back during Manual Handling

The introduction to our course covers your back – what it’s made up of, how it works, how flexible and strong it is, but also how fragile it can be if it’s not look after. It explains what damage can be done with poor lifting techniques, and it offers an interesting insight into why children naturally lift objects correctly.

2) Daily Tasks

The second section of our Manual Handling Training explains how you can prevent aches, pains and more serious damage by maintaining a healthy back on a daily basis. It covers correct (neutral) postures, working in the Power Zone, and how to successfully break bad postural habits.

3) LITE Assessment

Before you begin any Manual Handling task, you need to complete a LITE assessment to reduce the risk of injury. This section takes you through the four different stages (Load Individual Task Environment) and provides you with additional advice about what to do during these tasks.

4) Techniques

Our fourth and final section provides step-by- step demonstrations on how to carry out various types of lift – from the floor, waist height, and head height; it takes you through a two-stage lift, team lift, and loading a trolley too. This section also covers the three Golden Rules of Manual Handling.



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About High Speed Manual handling training online:

This Manual Handling Training Course provides the necessary information and training for organisations to understand more about the risks associated with manual handling, how to undergo a risk assessment and how to ensure appropriate control measures are put in place.

  • Ensures compliance with UK Health and Safety legislation
  • Matches the CIEH Level 2 Syllabus
  • Developed by health and safety professionals
  • Accredited by CPD
  • Fully online course and assessment with no time limits
  • Full audio voiceover
  • Approximate duration: 1-2 hours
  • On completion, certificate is posted the next working day




With British Safety Council, you can choose to enroll for the online or offline package of the training.

This short online course is for employees who undertake any form of manual handling as part of their work.  It aims to ensure that employees understand the hazards associated with manual handling and how to reduce the risk of injury.

The course takes 20-30 minutes and includes a range of e-Learning interactions and knowledge checks. Learners are encouraged to think about policies and procedures in their own workplace and must pass a short multiple-choice assessment to complete the course.

Course overview

Manual Handling is divided into four interactive modules:

Module 1 – Learners examine the common injuries associated with manual handling and the ‘see-saw’ effect regarding load and balance and how this relates to their own bodies.

Module 2 – Learners are introduced to manual handling law and focus on the first legal duty which is to avoid manual handling wherever possible.

Module 3 – Learners are taught how to carry out a manual handling risk assessment and the key risk factors under the headings task, individual, load and environment.

Module 4 – Learners examine a range of control strategies to reduce the risk of injury, including a hierarchical approach and safe lifting techniques.



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Online Manual Handling Training Course – 1 Hour Duration

Almost one third of all reported accidents in the workplace result from manual handling issues. This online manual handling training course is part of a two-pronged approach to manual handling certification (theory & practical). Following completion of this online course, each participant must complete a practical examination on safe lifting techniques in order to gain certification.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define manual handling.
  • State relevant legislation.
  • Describe the basic anatomy of the spine.
  • Apply the principles of safe lifting when completing the practical examination.


To qualify for an EazySAFE online manual handling training course certificate, the learner must complete the course and score 80% in the assessment. Then the learner will get a link to a printable PDF certificate. The certificate will remain available for reprinting under the ‘Course Progress’ tab.


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Above are some organizations you can enroll for manual handling training online with. Click on their enrollment links to see enrollment details.


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