Manager, Health, Safety and Environment Canada – Velan Inc


Manager, Health, Safety and Environment Canada – Velan Inc

Location(s): Granby, QC (Canada)

Job Description
In a corporate role, the candidate will be responsible of establishing a strategy and corporate guidelines linked to Velan’s issues and opportunities. The manager, HSE will monitor, develop and implement initiatives and goals to reach expected results. The candidate will ensure international governance to ensure compliance with existing rules and progress of new practices.

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In an operational role, the candidate will be responsible of planning, organising and monitoring the health, safety and environment of the Granby plant. He or she will ensure environmental accident and issues prevention, will maintain an efficient HSE system and will implement necessary measures to ensure compliance with Velan’s rules, politics and guidelines regarding HSE.

The candidate will also exert influence at all Velan’s plants regarding HSE and the HSE Strategic Plan relating to Velan’s Velocity 2020 vision.

More precisely, he or she will be responsible to:
Advise the Executive Vice-President, Operations regarding the HSE strategy, allowing the growth of the HSE culture towards a continuous performance improvement.

Advise the General Manager and the Health Committee for the planification, organisation, monitoring and maintenance of a healthy and safe work environment and about the HSE activities to implement.

Prepare and support the internal auditing and examination of legal compliance processes. Ensure that following recommendations are acted upon within the agreed deadlines.

Reports to the HSE Global Results Board through a diversity of governance levels.

Coordinate various committees to ensure their appropriate management of HSE issues and an adequate communication between them, plant management and the Health and Safety Committee.

Support plant teams in their weekly operations meetings including HSE, in their implementation of Six Sigma inspections and by providing HSE discussion elements.

Participate in the escalation of HSE issues to identify best practices.

Oversee the Granby plant and its implementation of methods and operations regarding prevention: inquiries and analysis, EMP, WHMIS, TDG, risk analysis, ground inspection, PPE, environmental permits, etc.

Develop, coordinate and/or participate in the development of HSE formations’ content and undertake said formation if required
Shares best HSE practices between all Velan’s plants.

Compile data of accidents, highlight tendencies and implement necessary activities to the resolution of issues.


Bachelor level studies in Industrial Relations and Health and Safety or an appropriate field
Minimum of 5 to 10 years of experience in the field, preferably in an unionized manufacturing environment.

Strong knowledge of HSE laws and regulations.

Comfortable with the processes of investigation and analysis of problematic situations.

Informatic knowledge and computer skills including MS Office.

Fluency in HSE technical concepts
Proficiency in ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 norms and other HSE management systems
Bilingual (Oral and written) in region appropriate language and English.

Excellent aptitudes to work within multi-functional teams.

Remarkable work ethic including strict respect of confidentiality.

Ability to improve company-wide performance to enable Velan to become a leader in health and safety.

Excellent communication skills

Ability to create formations and produce communications relating to HSE.

Discipline and strict respect of deadlines

Initiative and adaptation skills

Animation skills for HSE meetings


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