Lagos Tanker Explosion Incident: What are the lessons learnt and Recommendations


Lagos Tanker Explosion Incident: What are the lessons learnt and Recommendations


It was a dark thursday in Lagos on 28th June, 2018 due to the tanker explosion incident.

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This incident resulted to multiple damage and lost of lives.

It is often said “No need crying over spilt milk”.

Hence, the major thing is the lessons learnt and measure taken to prevent recurrence of such tragic incident.


So now, what is the way forward.

What are the lessons learnt and what are your recommendations.

Please response are required!!!


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  1. Proactive and Reactive measures;
    I do not have many details, but I am sure trucks have been rolling backward for while on that same road. many near misses I guess
    The competence of the driver is questionable, we know how drugs and alcohol are sold in parks guise as agbo jedi.
    The state of the vehicle; brakes, traction of tires
    the reluctance of ‘some’ motorist to leave the scene immediately after the fall of the truck, hazard recognition, low priority
    the state of public transports; poor functional doors, vehicle overloading

    No statistical data to the near misses aforementioned
    No database, no forensics to identify the victims
    Poor safety culture ( theistic approach to every demise )
    Nobody is held accountable, no consequences for people accountable
    No legal claims for deceased, vehicular damage and other losses

    when consequences of a behavior arent weighty or in existence there is a huge likelihood of recurrence. It will happen again

    • Nice contribution, but all are failures. What are the proactive measures that can be taken to prevent reoccurrence; both individually and as a government.

  2. I think we should first identify the root causes before considering proactive measures to prevent recurrence.
    We have FRSC , when you travel on the road their main target is private cars to check for particulars and the rest of stuffs … have they ever stop tanker drivers? When tanker drivers are on the they behave as they are the owner of the road, even FRSC will give them way. This has to be addressed.
    Same checks that is enforce of private motorist should be applied to tanker, trailer and lorries.
    We are told the truck was rolling back..why did the truck roll back… we need to apply why Tree analysis to come to the root cause then we can come with preventive recommendation

    • Nice point. But do we have any agency that has been saddled with the responsibility of analyzing such situation?

      The question is: Who will identify this root cause?

      Secondly, is there measures to track down misbehaving drivers on the road when they fail to obey the traffic rules or ignore traffic wardens?

      For example: When a driver is stopped and he refuses to stop, the FRSC Representative will definitely give them way in order not to get killed.

  3. Unfortunately we do not have a functional agency like in UK HSE who will dig into to find the root course.
    Yesterday in Channel TV, the video clip the showed the tanker rolling back down the bridge..
    I heard that the driver was not in the truck when it started rolling, why did the driver come out of the truck
    Did he come out before the truck started rolling or when the truck was rolling.
    What happen with brake system of the truck.
    The assistant head FRSC was interviewed yesterday, she spoke of tanker having safety valve, while safety valve is necessary it is important to think first to prevent recurrence of truck rolling. Safety valve is a second barrier should in case the tanker fall, it will prevent release of contents.
    I believe Lagos state govt have safety commission which can do thorough investigation..

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