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KOSA Bill 2023 (Kids Online Safety Act 2023)

KOSA Bill 2023 (Kids Online Safety Act 2023 ) is a bill that was introduced to the United States Senate in February 2022 and reintroduced in May 2023; the bill “sets out requirements” to protect minors from harm on social media platforms. The bill charges individual state attorneys general with enforcing the bill.

KOSA Bill 2023 (Kids Online Safety Act 2023)

Some aspect covered by the bill as at the 117th Congress (2021-2022), bill S.3663


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The summary as at 118th Congress (2023-2024), bill S.1409 — 

Kids Online Safety Act

This bill sets out requirements to protect minors from online harms.

The requirements apply to covered platforms, which are applications or services (e.g., social networks) that connect to the internet and are likely to be used by minors. However, the bill exempts internet service providers, email services, educational institutions, and other specified entities from the requirements.

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Covered platforms must act in the best interest of minors using the applications or services, including by mitigating harms that may arise from that use (e.g., sexual exploitation and online bullying).

Additionally, covered platforms must provide (1) minors (or their parents or guardians) with certain safeguards, such as settings that restrict access to minors’ personal data; and (2) parents or guardians with tools to supervise minors’ use of a platform, such as control of privacy and account settings.

Covered platforms must also:

  • disclose specified information, including details regarding the use of personalized recommendation systems and targeted advertising;
  • allow parents, guardians, minors, and schools to report certain harms;
  • refrain from facilitating advertising of age-restricted products or services (e.g., tobacco and gambling) to minors; and
  • annually report on foreseeable risks of harm to minors from using the platform.

The bill provides for enforcement through the Federal Trade Commission and states.

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Further, the bill establishes a program to facilitate relevant independent research for noncommercial purposes and a council to advise on implementing the bill. It also requires guidance for market and product research focused on minors and an evaluation of options to verify a user’s age.

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