5 Key facts about using the seat-belt


* Key facts about using the seat-belt *

Regardless of where you drive, and no matter how much of a safe driver you are, sudden stops and collisions do happen.

Even if your vehicle is equipped with air bags, always wear your seatbelt. If you don’t, you may not be in the right position to benefit from the protection of air bags. Airbags do not protect you in a roll-over or side impact collision, so always wear seat belt.

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To ensure safety of vehicle occupant, it’s a law for drivers and passengers to wear their seat belt.

Drivers must ensure that children passengers are buckled up or secured in a child safety seat. As for adult passengers, they are responsible for wearing their seat belt.

Key facts about using seat-belt

  • Seat belt must be in proper working condition
  • A seat belt won’t protect you if it is not worn properly. Take a few seconds to position the lap portion of the seat belt snug to your body and low on the hips. Never wear the shoulder strap under the arm where it could damage your rib.
  • A seat belt keeps the driver behind the wheel and in control in a collision. It helps keep your heads up and body from hitting the inside of the vehicle.
  • A seat belt keeps you inside the vehicle during collision, rather than being thrown through the windscreen or door onto the road way.
  • Without seat belt, passengers become high-speed projectiles in a collision.


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