ISO 45001 health and safety standard could help boost Irish FDI


ISO 45001 health and safety standard could help boost Irish FDI

A new international health and safety standard ISO 45001 to be implemented next month will make it easier to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) to Ireland and will not become a financial burden on smaller companies, it is claimed. This standard will help organisations to positively manage issues of concern and is based on the identification of hazards, the assessment of risks and the implementation of control measures.

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Fergal O’Byrne, head of business excellence at the National Standards Authority of Ireland says, “It is much easier for organisations to comply with this standard and integrate it into their businesses and it gives international recognition”. O’Byrne also said that compliance with standards for smaller companies is sometimes seen as more difficult because it may be seen as a resource and bureaucratic issue.

“It is very important for FDI companies. Different local standards in different countries can be very confusing. But a company from Seattle or Silicon Valley setting up in Ireland is familiar with an ISO standard. It is exactly the same standard that will be used in America. That is a big advantage and we see a lot of the FDI companies using ISO standards.”


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