5 Important contents of an interview winning CV


You have  applied for different jobs severally with no interview call-up.

Does this sound familiar?

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If your answer is yes; then,

You are not alone, a lot others have also passed through the same path till they got things right.

To have an interview call up after submitting an application, you need to create an interview winning CV.

What is an interview winning CV

An interview winning CV is a CV that do not just contain all the requirements needed for a job, but well structured, conspicuous and organized.

To get this done, you must know the contents of an interview winning CV.


Contents of an interview winning CV

  1. Specific keyword: An interview winning CV must always be optimized around a specific keyword. For instance submitting a CV optimized for the position of a SAFETY OFFICER cannot fare well when the employer requires a SAFETY MANAGER. This should be reflected in all other sections of the CV; the career summary, qualifications, experience, skills, etc. Your CV must be optimized for the specific role you are applying for, there is nothing like a general CV.
  2. Professional Title: Your CV must contain your professional title beside your name. Using something like – Michael White CV is very wrong, instead of that, something like – Michael White | Safety Specialist is better; the first is just a waste of space. This forms part of your personal information, and it is the first thing that appears on your CV. Also, do not forget to optimize it for the position you are applying for.
  3. Career summary: This is a very important section of your CV and is located at the top of your resume highlighting your work experience and key achievements. It’s usually 2 or 3 sentences long and should be tailored to the position you’re seeking. Generally, it must contain: Who are you; What can you offer the company and What your career goals are.
  4. Work Experience: Your work experience should be tailored to the position you are applying for. There is no need to start highlighting all the work experience you have acquired as it will make you CV too cumbersome and also tend to hide important information.
  5. Skills and achievements:  Skills drive the professional sphere not just academic qualification and certifications. Skills like leadership, problem solving, persuasion/negotiation, etc. This must be clearly highlighted in your CV. Also, your achievements must be boldly stated. It may be social achievements, leadership achievement, etc.


Your CV represents you in your absence, so you have to paint the best picture of you which will be able to defend you in your absence.

When applying for your next job, use this CV tips and see it perform the magic.


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