INFOSAN Regional Meeting: Enhancing the INFOSAN in the Asia-Pacific

INFOSAN Regional Meeting

FAO/WHO International Food Safety Authorities Networks (INFOSAN) Regional Meeting: Enhancing the INFOSAN in the Asia-Pacific.

Date: 5 – 6 December 2023

Venue: WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland and hybrid
All sectors of society—governments, businesses, and organizations—share responsibilities for ensuring food safety. The greatest method to guarantee safety is to use prevention techniques across the food chain, although not all risks can be completely removed. In order to handle situations arising from the contamination of food that is traded worldwide, quick access to information on food safety is required.
The FAO/WHO International Food Safety Authorities Networks (INFOSAN) secretariat has continued to host regional meetings for Member States to exchange experiences and challenges in food safety emergencies, realizing the importance of quick access to information through multisectoral collaboration for timely detection and response to food safety incidents.
Following the pandemic, the INFOSAN secretariat is pleased to host its first in-person regional meeting for Asia-Pacific (by invitation only), in cooperation with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of the Republic of Korea (RoK). The purpose of this regional gathering is to bring together members of INFOSAN from the Asia Pacific region by offering a platform for knowledge sharing, experience sharing, and collaboratively creating action plans to improve food safety regulations.
We look forward to working with the INFOSAN members to improve communication with the Secretariat, encourage coordinated emergency response strategies, and fortify cooperation between the food safety agencies in the area.

Session objectives

  • Gaining insights into INFOSAN notifications and follow-up activities
  • Strengthening national and regional INFOSAN networks
  • Identifying priorities for updating food safety emergency response plans
  • Enhancing IHR capacity in multisectoral collaboration for food safety
  • Fostering collaboration and networking
  • Improving the role of INFOSAN in enhancing food safety at national and regional levels

Expected outcomes

  • Update on the INFOSAN Global Strategy 2020-2025 implementation.
  • Inform INFOSAN Membership in the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia WHO Member states
  • Identifying key activities to strengthen/update emergency response plans and enhance multisectoral collaboration
  • Strengthening collaboration and networking among INFOSAN members
  • Providing recommendations for improving regional activities
  • Identifying areas of priorities for the INFOSAN Secretariat

Target audience

  • Food and Related Authorities in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Emergency contact points, focal persons, and IHR national focal points
  • FAO and WHO staff in headquarters, regional, and country offices
  • All INFOSAN members

For any inquiries, please contact the INFOSAN Secretariat at [email protected].