Incidence rate formula: What is it?

Incidence rate formula

Incidence rate formula

Some people ask “What is incidence rate formula”. Actually I believe they are asking of the formular for calculating the recordable incident rate.

I came across this question, so i decided to put up a short and concise article on it.

I will not waste your time with much stories about the recordable incident rate since i have written on it previously.

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How to calculate OSHA recordable incident rate/Incidence rate

This calculation makes use of the “Incidence rate formula

OSHA recordable incident rate is calculated by multiplying the total recordable incident during a calendar year by 200,000, divided by the total number of hours worked during the calendar year.


Incidence rate = (Total number of recordable incident) x 200,000 / (Total manhour worked for one year)

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