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Reasons For Firmness As An HSE Professional

Reasons For Firmness As An HSE Professional

It is necessary that learn the art of firmness as an HSE professional . Firmness involves taking a decision and standing by it.

Firmness means believing in what you stand for.

Firmness involves an inner energy which prevents you from shifting grounds unnecessarily.

HSE professional needs the art of firmness if they must succeed in the profession. HSE professionals are always faces with pressure to shift ground. This pressure could be either from the management staffs or employees.

There may be very obvious and realistic reasons to shift grounds, but the ability to be firm proves your turgidity in delivering on the HSE objectives.

Firmness does not take anyone to the extreme of inflexibility; firmness tends to prove your believe and unshakable stands.

It is at the point where pressure is mounted that your firmness is put to test.

As a HSE professional, before you shift ground, bend rules, overlook conditions and act, ask yourself these questions:


  1. Does the choice am about to make in line with the HSE objective?
  2. What is the morale behind my compromise – Does the reasons worth the risk?
  3. Can I sustain this line of compromise?


Dangers Of Compromise As A HSE Professional

Compromise can land you into serious trouble. Some HSE professionals shift grounds because of monetary gratification, others because of fear.

Compromise makes you lose relevance within the organization.

Compromise belittles your profession. Too much compromise can even cost you your job.

Develop the art of firmness as a HSE professional; your organization will appreciate the importance you place on your profession, they will respect you as well. When you practice the art of firmness, you are raising the bar in your professional service delivery.


How To Manage Firmness As A HSE Professional

When you are in an organization with a poor Health and Safety culture, insensible firmness could pose a risk to your job. (4 Keys to improving health and safety culture)

You may ask, what should I do to secure my job while being firm in my decisions?

This is my candid opinion:

  1. Fear of losing your job should not make you lower the bar in service delivery. Never fail to speak up when you notice something that goes against the HSE guidelines.
  2. Do not be antagonistic with your management; instead be objective in your views.
  3. Raise every issue of safety concern, proffer solution and make sure you document everything for reference purpose.
  4. Make your stand known to your management, though you may need to be subtle with this if you are working with a difficult management.
  5. Work within your organisation’s HSE policy if you do not have the authorization to review it. If you are authorized to review the HSE policy, do it immediately, because that will be your backup.

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