HSE Offshore Medic Course; Why You Need It and Where To Get Trained

HSE Offshore Medic course is not quite popular for lots of people, but at the end of this article, you will understand what it is about and how to become a medic.

At the end of this article you will get to know the following:

  • Who is a HSE Offshore Medic
  • What are their duties
  • How to become one

Who is a HSE Offshore Medic

A Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Offshore Medic is a medical professional who works in the offshore oil and gas industry. This role involves providing medical support and emergency response services to ensure the health and safety of personnel working on offshore installations, such as oil rigs, platforms, and drilling units.

The responsibilities of an HSE Offshore Medic typically include:

1. Emergency Response: Being prepared to respond to medical emergencies, accidents, or injuries that may occur on the offshore installation. This could involve administering first aid, stabilizing patients, and coordinating with external medical services for evacuations if necessary.

2. Health Surveillance: Conducting regular health assessments and medical examinations for offshore personnel to ensure they are fit for duty. This may involve monitoring and managing pre-existing medical conditions.

3. Medical Facilities Management: Overseeing and managing medical facilities on offshore installations, including medical equipment, supplies, and medications. Ensuring that medical facilities are properly maintained and stocked.

4. Health Promotion: Providing health education and promoting wellness initiatives to offshore workers to prevent injuries and illnesses. This may include training on safety procedures, hygiene, and lifestyle choices.

5. Documentation: Maintaining accurate medical records and reports, including incident reports, treatment records, and health assessments. Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

6. Collaboration: Working closely with other HSE professionals, safety officers, and emergency response teams to create a comprehensive health and safety program for the offshore facility.

HSE Offshore Medic is an integral part of the overall safety management system on offshore installations as they play a crucial role in ensuring that health and safety standards are maintained, and they are often trained in both medical and safety procedures to effectively respond to the unique challenges presented by offshore environments.

Training Objectives of a HSE Offshore Medic

The training objectives for offshore medics are set out in Health care and first aid on offshore installations and pipeline works (L123). It also provides guidance on the roles and responsibilities of offshore medics and first aiders and the types of secondary roles that are suitable for offshore medics.

The following statement is being published to meet the requirements of the Professional Qualifications Act 2022 (PQ Act). Under section 8 of the PQ Act regulators in the UK are required to publish certain information about requirements to practise the profession.

Any person wishing to practise the profession of offshore medic must hold qualifications and experience that complies with the guidance issued to HSE’s approved training providers. There is no application process within the scope of Sections 8(2)(b) or 8(2)(c).

An offshore employer can check if a training organisation is approved by HSE for the purposes of the Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (First-Aid) Regulations 1989:

HSE Offshore Medic Course Training Providers

In the UK, Health and Safety Executive has given a list of approved training organization delivering Offshore first aid and Medic courses.

In the UK, Offshore employers should use the list above to check a training provider’s approval status. Each entry contains the organisation’s contact details as well as the expiry date of its certificate of approval. The certificate is issued by HSE and contains the organisation’s HSE approval number. Offshore employers may ask to see this certificate as additional confirmation of approval.

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Where a certificate previously issued to an offshore first aider or offshore medic has expired, it is the responsibility of the individual, training provider and dutyholder to decide if they should attend a requalification or full course. Until offshore first aiders and offshore medics requalify, they are not considered to be competent to act in these roles. You can find more guidance in Health care and first aid on offshore installations and pipeline works (L123).

See the list here

Other trainers

  • DDRC Professional Services: DDRC Healthcare is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered UK charity (no. 279652) based on Plymouth Science Park in Plymouth. We are worldwide specialists in diving medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and medical training and have an enviable range of highly specialised staff, facilities and knowledge.
  • MCL Medics: MCL Medics was established in 1999, support over 500,000 employees and over this time we have built an impeccable reputation by providing a first class service. A trusted UK accredited national Occupational Health service provider, specialising in bespoke Occupational Health solutions. We are proud to deliver responsiveness, strong client focus, added value, innovation and above all, a partnership approach. 
  • MediPro: Formed in 2008, Medipro is the largest independent pre-hospital education centre in the UK. We hold the most diverse set of accredited pre-hospital qualifications, so that our learners can take their ambitions in any direction. Delivering only accredited courses ensures that our learners are able to work in large multinational corporations, specialist organisations, and the NHS where regulation and governanace is paramount.
  • International SOS: International SOS is the occupational health and remote medical services specialist with a proven track record in providing market-leading health solutions.
  • Tachealthcare:TAC Healthcare’s (TAC) Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approved Offshore Medics Courses have been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (First Aid) Regulations 1989 ACOP and current best clinical practise.

    Their HSE Offshore Medic Courses are delivered at our bespoke training facility at Forest Grove House in Aberdeen. Our scenario based training is supported by medical simulation, realistic to the offshore working environment delivered in our mock sick bay facility here in Forest Grove House, will ensure that our medics are equipped with the relevant knowledge and practical skills to provide a comprehensive service to our client base.


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