HSE Job in Canada – Ottawa


HSE  Job in Canada – Ottawa

Job Ref: R-022226

Job Type: Full Time

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Job Description

A Project Safety Manager is typically required on medium to large projects where SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure is the Prime Contractor and the project does not involve Joint Ventures and/or Contractors with contractually assigned safety responsibility for a specific project area. The Project Safety Manager has the primary duty to ensure that health and safety standards are consistent and effective through all parts of the project.

This role will be in Ottawa.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Project Safety Manager duties and responsibilities are based on the expectation that SNC-Lavalin will be the Prime Contractor for the project. If SNC-Lavalin is not the Prime Contractor of the project, the duties and responsibilities of the Project Safety Manager will be defined by the SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure Safety Director. The Project Safety Manager has overall responsibility for the implementation, enforcement and management of the project health and safety requirements. The Project Safety Manager will;

1. Develop and disseminate the SNC-Lavalin Project Safety Management Program in accordance with the standards established in the SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure Construction Safety Management System,

2. Enforce the requirements of the SNC-Lavalin Project Safety Management Program on all contractors and subcontractors on the project,

3. Review the occupational health and safety programs of the contractors for compliance with the standards defined in the SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure Construction Safety Management System,

4. Develop the project safety budget as it pertains to the responsibilities of the Safety Manager. This may include, but is not necessarily limited to, SNC-Lavalin safety personnel; project first aid supplies/equipment; SNC-Lavalin employee training requirements; incentive programs, promotional materials etc.

Unless otherwise directed by the Project Manager, the Project Safety Manager will not be responsible for safety budgeting related to; the purchasing of safety equipment such as personal protective equipment, emergency extraction equipment etc; materials required to provide safety protection, ie; traffic control barriers, temporary ventilation systems, guardrails etc; or the workforce requirements to install/maintain the safety protection.

5. Hire, or be involved in the hiring, of the SNC-Lavalin safety personnel,

6. Define the area(s) of responsibility for the SNC-Lavalin project safety personnel,

7. Define and assign duties to the SNC-Lavalin safety personnel consistent with the standards described in the SNC-Lavalin Infrastructure Construction Safety Management System,

8. Have overall responsibility for the development, maintenance and use of the Project Risk Register, including the requirement for contractors and subcontractors to develop and maintain their own respective Risk Registers,

9. Work with SNC-Lavalin project management to proactively identify project hazards and risks under the care and control of SNC-Lavalin and assist with the formulation of strategies, procedures and training requirements to mitigate the hazards and risks under the control of SNC-Lavalin,

10. Review the risk registers and safety plans of the contractors and subcontractors on the project. This action may be accomplished by; direct review of the documents; by submission of written assurance from the contractors and subcontractors that these processes/plans have been developed and implemented; or by submission of audits from the contractors which confirm completion of the processes/plans.

Role Requirements:

Dedicated full-time to the project, on a full time basis.

To be in the GTHA and be available to attend project matters in person and to conduct site audits as required.

Must have the ability to travel
Manager and oversight of all HSE activities.


Minimum of 10 years of related experience on large multidisciplinary construction projects.

Relevant experience as a Construction Safety Officer on a large complex project with multiple stakeholders.

Experience in this role on comparable transit/rail projects a definite asset.

Experience working within Class 1 railway with commuter/freight rail service an asset
National Construction Safety Officer.

Designation (NCSO) is mandatory

Thorough knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety Act and related regulations and policies.

Strong knowledge of construction law, construction practices, contract administration, knowledge of the Construction Lien Act.

Sound judgement, strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.

Must have a sound working knowledge of personal computers and computerized applications related to the work.

Appropriate education in occupational health and safety.

Experience in dealing with MOL

Experience with accident investigation

Experience with delivery of safety training material an asset.

Experience working with Metrolinx

Construction Safety Management Program (CSMP) an asset.

Designation as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional is an asset.

Experience with applicable health and safety legislation, regulations, Acts, codes and standards on which compliance with the Act and regulations is based or supported is a definite asset.


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