HSE harness training requirements

HSE harness training requirements

HSE harness training requirements is covered in the “Work at height regulations, 2005“. This regulation opines that all those working at height must be trained, and this training includes how to use relevant safety equipment; safety harness belt being one of the relevant safety equipment needed when working at height.


Regulations 5 and 6(5)(b): All those working at height must be competent and be trained on how to avoid falling, to minimise or avoid injury should they fall as well as how to use relevant equipment.

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This regulation generally sets out a simple hierarchy for managing and selecting equipment for work at height.

This hierarchy follows thus:

  • Avoid work at height
  • Prevent falls from height by selection of suitable work equipment and measures.
  • Use work equipment and other measures to minimise the distance and consequences of a fall.

Work at height training is for persons requiring basic compliance to work at height requirements, and  knowledge of fitting and using a fall arrest safety harness to connect to a suitable anchor point.

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This training covers generally:

  • Methods of fall protection
  • Pre-use equipment checks
  • Selection of suitable anchorages
  • Fall arrest blocks
  • Suspension intolerance

and provides practical skills like:

  • Harness fitting and use
  • Use of anchorage slings and connectors
  • Attachment and use of fall arrest lanyard
  • Attachment and use of temporary horizontal line
  • Adjustable restraint lanyard use

HSE harness training requirements is a basic legal requirement for the use of safety harness belt.

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If you must work at height, you should enroll for “Work at height training“. Locate a training provider near you.

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