6 invaluable tip on How to get HSE Jobs



How to get HSE Jobs is a question a lot of HSE professionals wish they have a good answer to.

It is expected that after HSE training, the next thing in anyone’s mind is How to get HSE Jobs.

HSE Jobs like any other Jobs are scares and limited. In order to be among the few to be successful in HSE Jobs hunt, you need to understand the best HSE Jobs search pattern and How to get HSE Jobs.

People are asking, How can i get a HSE Job. (How to get HSE Jobs)

If you ask me, you do not need and answer, you need tips.

Someone asked me this question:

Sir, I did HSE courses MITA in the year 2014 but I’m finding difficult to get HSE Jobs, are there tips you can share with me to assist me secure one“?

I will share with you some tips that will be invaluable to you in your job search, just stay put and follow-up with the article.

1. Never give up on job search no matter what you encounter: A lot of people have lost hope because they believe they have search for too long. There is nothing like too long in job search; search is a continuous process. Job search continues until you have got that your dream job. Apply to any vacancy that matches your experience; together with those that may not perfectly match. No matter how many times you have been turn down, never give up.

2. Try to make contacts with people in your field of interest: Link up with professionals in your field of interest. LinkedIn is one good platform you can achieve that. If you do not have an account on LinkedIn, sign up for one; send invites to professionals in your field of interest, together with human resources (HR) managers.

3. Keep reaching out to people in the field, not minding how many people have already turn you down: Do not hesitate to reach out to professionals in your field of interest directly. After any professional might have accepted your invite, you will have access to send them a message directly. Reach out to them, you cannot say where your luck will shine.

4. Keep your CV professional and up to date: Some of us have a very porous and unprofessional curriculum Vitae (CV). You need to make your CV eye-catching. If you cannot do that by yourself, you can hire a professional CV writer to help you with that.

5. Do not wait for vacancies, go find them: The job am doing, there was no advert, i just stumbled on it when i visited the company. Some organizations do not publish their vacancies, they fill it in-house. The only way you can get connected to such vacancies is to visit the organization directly. You may be opportune like me to get information at the gate, or meet someone who may assist you.

6. Try to upgrade your level of expertise: Do not suspend your personal development because there is no job yet. Try to upgrade your expertise as much as you can. Remember: Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

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