How to Convert JPG to Excel For Free With No Hassle

Converting one or more images to Microsoft Excel files is not a longer issue now. There are innumerable converters available around the internet that let you export photos as Excel files, but choosing the best pick from them seems a daunting task. For your convenience, we rounded up a few best tools that take minimal effort to change your existing picture into Excel spreadsheet while keeping the quality high. 


Did You Know!

Even now you can use image to excel converter with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) from an online website i:e to convert JPG to Excel online. It works best for extracting text from images and storing it into Excel spreadsheet for free of cost. 



This is indicated as a well-known website that allows you to convert various file formats online and free. You can fetch its best version of MS Office Excel converter to make excel files conversion. You can account for this free photo to excel converter for converting JPG to excel files online. This tool only lets you convert a single file at once, this means that each existing image will be converted to a separate Excel file. Remember that this online utility offers two different conversion modes, one with OCR and without OCR, choose your desired option to start conversion from photo to excel. Once you have done it all, you can get different options for saving the newly converted file. These options include cloud export, direct downloading, and QR code.



  • Only lets you proceed with one photo per conversion
  • Allow you to process up to 100 MB per file conversion
  • Loaded with OCR option with language selection
  • Single click require to direct download (XLSX/Zip) file


How to convert Photo to Excel online on Online-Convert?

  • Open this JPG to XLSX converter by online-convert
  • Add your image file  by using any one of the given methods into the designated box 
  • Make a selection for the conversion mode according to your needs – OCR or no OCR
  • Click Start Conversion button
  • Download the converted file



Cardscanner is another legitimate online web-dependent conversion source that specifically uses OCR for making text extraction-based transformation. You could get there a free to process JPG to Excel converter that does not indulge with huge manual intervention for converting your existing images to Excel files with OCR. Despite that, this online platform is loaded with the best JPG to doc and image to text converter to extract text embedded in images and store that all into optimal text file formats. The most appealing reason to use this full-fledged photo to excel converter online is that it does not require any sign-up process and also lets you make both single or batch files conversion for free of cost. 



  • Enable batch files conversion for free of cost
  • Simple and easy to navigate interface for the ease of conversion
  • Supports multiple languages with OCR Conversions


How to Change JPG to Excel Online with Cardscanner?

  • Grab your images and drop them all at once into this JPG to Excel converter by cardscanner
  • Then, press the given Convert button
  • Download all the converted xlsx files right now by hitting the Download All button



This is another best platform that allows you to deal with certain files conversion tools. It also offers easy to navigate and super-fast image to excel converter that lets you convert files for free of cost. All you need to remember is that this source allows you to turn one image file at once. When you add your image file into this converter, it will ask whether it should look for the Text & Tables or just Tables. Depending on that selection, this tool starts scanning the image and turns the data into an MS Excel file. 



  • Only single file conversions allow at once
  • Loaded with option for scanning text and tables or just tables
  • Simple UI that is very to navigate
  • Single click download


How to convert JPG to Excel online with Nanonets?

  • Open JPG to Excel converter by nanonets
  • Drag & drop you image file into the designated area
  • Then, make a selection whether you want the image has text & tables or tables
  • Very next, you need to hit the Convert To Excel button to commence the conversion process
  • Once you have done with all, save the newly converted MS Excel spreadsheet file



If you need to convert one or batch of image files at once into compatible file types, then this program works significantly for you. You can even make OCR-based photos to excel file conversion with this free assistance. Despite that all, no matter whether you have Image,document, video, audio, PDF, eBooks files, this online web source lets you make quick and high quality conversions for all. 



  • Allow you to make one or more images to excel files conversions for free
  • Quality preservation conversions, this means it intact original quality while making files transformation
  • 100% free
  • Easy to access and simple navigation interface
  • Download all converted files at once with Download Zip function


How to Save an Image as Excel with theonlineconverter?

  • Open your web-browser and navigate to JPG to Excel converter by theonlineconverter
  • Drop your existing image files into this converter and click the Convert button
  • Wait for a while and download your newly generated Microsoft Excel (xlsx) files at once

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CoolUtils is one of the best sources that is loaded with a free version of web-based JPG to excel converter online. The upside is that this converter is not only limited to the JPG input, but also lets you process conversions with different other file formats. Remember that this online converter does not offer OCR conversions, but you can fetch the option to resize and rotate the image prior to convert. 



  • Single file conversion at once
  • Allow you to convert file size up to 30 MB
  • Loaded with option to rotate and resize image
  • Direct download xls file

How to Turn image into Excel online with CoolUtils?

  • Open image to excel converter by coolutils
  • Drag and drop your existing image file
  • Very next, you ought to choose the Excel as the output format
  • You can resize and rotate the image prior to make conversions (optional)
  • At last, hit the given Download Converted file option to get the converted file