How To become A Member of IIRSM (International Institute of Risk & Safety Management)

I will tell you why you may be interested in becoming a member of IIRSM. Before then lets a brief overview of what IIRSM is all about.


IIRSM is an educational charity and professional body for those managing risk in all its forms.

Delivering public benefit

As an educational charity, public benefit is at the heart of the Institute’s strategy and is integral to all of our activities. IIRSM deliver this by:

• Working for greater public understanding of how effective risk management builds resilience

• Promoting discussion and debate via our regional networks, social media channels and events

• Publishing and distributing information on key risk topics via The Sentinel, with the support of our Technical Network

• Recognising and rewarding best practice through our Risk Excellence Awards

• Providing technical support helplines to members to support them in their workplaces

• Delivering free webinars and resources to members and the public

• Actively engaging with legislators, regulators and administrators around risk competence

• Developing an educational and ethical framework to educate the risk leaders of the future

• Working with other like-minded professional bodies specialising in complimentary professions to ensure a wider knowledge of the importance of risk management.

Membership of IIRSM is by recognised qualification and competence. IIRSM support her members throughout their careers, providing assistance through our London-based head office and networks across the UK and worldwide.

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IIRSM Membership benefits

As a IIRSM member, you can broaden your skills, knowledge and understanding to manage all types of risk across an organisation.

This, of course, gives you more influence and value. So IIRSM help you develop and use your knowledge and skills to manage risks in areas such as

  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • The governance of your organisation
  • All aspects of sustainability
  • Your supply chain
  • The environment
  • Your day-to-day operations
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Cyber security

Skilled risk managers can enable their organisations to make the right decisions in all parts of the business. And with IIRSM, you can realise your full potential, maximise your value and gain the edge in a competitive jobs market.

Everything they do is about helping their members make a positive impact through:

  • Raising standards in risk management
  • Building relationships and networks
  • Sharing of experiences and knowledge
  • Achieving recognition for our members
  • Providing industry and risk insights
  • Offering professional development opportunities

IIRSM provides you with practical education, resources and networking to help you embrace risk. With our unbeatable package of membership benefits, you will be supported, connected and involved.

  • Designatory letters
  • Training and qualifications
  • Policy/technical advice
  • Webinars/online events
  • Competency framework
  • Risk Portal and Info Hub
  • The Sentinel’ magazine
  • Mentoring scheme with digital platform
  • Exclusive discounts


  • UK regional networks and international branches
  • Emerging Risk Leaders’ Network
  • Online community
  • IIRSM Social
  • Risk Excellence Awards
  • Weekly newsletters



  • Enhance your profile
  • Help others grow their skills
  • Gain new skills and knowledge
  • Make new friends and colleagues
  • Connect with likeminded individuals
  • Build your confidence in a friendly and supportive environment


So with all the benefits highlighted above, I believe you are ready to join one of the most prestigious Health and Safety Organization.

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How To become A Member of IIRSM

You should note that IIRSM members are not just health, safety and environment people, nor are they simply experts in quality, insurance, security, sustainability, nor governance, compliance and audit. Instead, they work in all these fields, and more, to bring the benefits of integrated risk decision making to their organisations.

Wherever you are on your career journey, IIRSM and its members can help. From student members building their knowledge to Fellows supporting and influencing their profession. Start at the membership grade that is right for you and be part of our diverse community, all of whom, are seeking a rewarding career and passionately work to create and protect value – people, reputation and profits.

​We all make decisions with an element of risk, and we believe that everyone from the front-line to the boardroom should know how to identify, manage and communicate risk. We therefore welcome anyone responsible for managing risk and its impact.

Membership provides you with:

  • Professional recognition and status
  • Opportunities to develop your competence, confidence and influence
  • Platforms to showcase your expertise and achievements
  • Ample opportunities to network and build new contacts
  • Access a wealth of resources and invaluable advice on all things risk
  • The ability to give back to your profession and others, which can be very rewarding.

Below are everything you need to know about IIRSM membership.

Choose your membership

Experience, business insights and our behaviours are equally as important as qualifications in the management of risk. The criteria to join IIRSM is assessed against our Risk Management and Leadership Competence Framework, and we have routes linked to both qualifications and experience.

We have a pathway to membership for everyone – from students building their knowledge to Fellows using their experience and expertise to influence their professions and best practice.

Click on the grades below to choose which one is right for you.


Get free membership for the duration of your studies. It doesn’t matter if you’re about to start or halfway through your course. Join our community to get support with your studies or access people that can help you navigate the world of work.

If you are studying one of our recognised qualifications, you are eligible for Student membership.

Click here to find out more and how to apply.


Whatever your role, you make decisions that involves identifying and managing risk. If you have an interest in risk and safety management and want to connect with our global network, access a wealth of online resources and advice, then why not be part of our community and become an Affiliate.

Click here to find out more and how to apply.


You have at least a level 3 risk-related qualification and/or at least two years’ experience in managing risks, typically providing technical support, advice, and guidance to others across an organisation (or a client if a consultant) to support function and/or organisation-wide objectives and projects.

You can apply to be an Associate based on your:

  • Qualifications, or
  • Skills, competence and experience

Click here to find out which route is best for you.

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You have at least a level 4 or 5 risk-related qualification and/or 3 years’ relevant experience typically managing operational change and procedures, contributing to policy development and responsible for managing risks within an area of responsibility or organisation-wide objectives and projects.

You can apply to be a Member based on your:

  • Qualifications
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Skills, competence and experience

Click here to find out which route is best for you.


You are an experienced professional, combining strategic insight, risk expertise and business acumen and put the wellbeing of your people at the forefront to drive both individual and organisational performance.

Click here to find out more and how to apply.

Routes to membership for a diverse, inclusive profession

Technical ability is essential, but equally important, are business insights and our behaviour. All three are required to be able to make a positive impact. This is backed up by the research that informed the development of IIRSM Risk Management and Leadership Competence Framework, which underpins our new routes to membership.

Our routes to membership recognise the breadth of roles and expertise involved in the effective management of risk, and that we do not all have access to the same learning opportunities or take the same career pathways. We want to give more people the opportunity to join and benefit from being part of a vibrant, global community and progress in their journey as a risk and safety professional.

So, while qualifications are important and demonstrate an individual’s knowledge, they don’t always reflect the application of that knowledge or evolving competence and experience. Our broadened routes are more inclusive, enabling someone to join and upgrade based on their qualifications and / or by demonstrating their skills, experience and competence within their area of work.

We believe diversifying our membership and being more inclusive provides richer learning and networking and reinforces the need for all risk fields to work collaboratively to drive integrated risk decision making.

Upgrade your membership

Depending on your levels of experience and qualifications, you may be eligible to upgrade your membership to the next level. Click here to find out more.

You can find out more about the criteria for the different grades and how to join within this section.  If you wish to discuss your application or want to know more first, please contact IIRSM. We’ve also included a handy resource below that explains the journey through the IIRSM membership grades.