How Often Should You Test Fire Alarms In The Workplace?

How Often Should You Test Fire Alarms In The Workplace ? – Fire safety in the workplace is an absolute necessity. It serves to protect your premises, staff and customers in the event of a fire. UK law dictates that appropriate fire safety measures are mandatory in every workplace, which usually includes an effective fire detection system, extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment, and company-wide fire drills and training. 

Maintenance and testing of the alarm systems and procedures in your workplace are critical to ensure that when the time comes, they work as they should. But how often should you test your fire alarm systems, what should you look out for and who’s responsible?

These are the questions we will be answering in subsequent paragraphs:

How Often Should You Test Fire Alarms In The Workplace?

Regulations in the UK state that fire alarms and warning systems should be tested weekly on your business premises. This is in addition to routine maintenance which should be carried out every 6-12 months. Weekly testing and inspections should highlight any issues or faults with the detection system and it could just save lives.

If any serious issues are identified, a fire safety technician should be called in as soon as possible to review your system and make any repairs that are needed. You should aim to limit the downtime of your alarm as much as possible to ensure everyone is safe in your workplace or premises.

Things To Look Out For In Fire Alarms

There are a number of issues that need to be considered when testing and inspecting fire alarm systems. A typical fire alarm drill will ensure that the system is working as it should, but a closer inspection of particular elements is recommended too.

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If your warning system runs on batteries then check these in each device and detector and replace them with new 9V batteries if they are running low. The wider alarm and fire procedure system should also be checked, including emergency lighting, signage, and fire doors and checking that emergency exits are unobstructed.

Who Is Responsible?

Every workplace should have a designated fire safety officer, but responsibility for testing fire alarms ultimately comes down to the business owner, building owner or property manager depending on who owns the premises.

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Failing to perform the necessary checks and maintenance could lead to disastrous consequences for your business. As the responsible person, you could be fined or even prosecuted if safety standards are not maintained in your workplace and someone comes to harm as a result. So take no chances when it comes to people’s safety!