How a Health and safety professional can cope with a non-supportive management

As a Health and safety professional we are faced with different kind of management staffs, some supportive other non-supportive.

No matter the organization we are rendering our services to, or the kind of management staff we are working with, we need to achieve maximum result in the health and safety responsibilities given to us.

Now the question is: How do we achieve maximum result in our health and safety responsibilities when the management is non-supportive; is it not MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?

The truth is that you can always achieve a decent level of success no matter the situation you find your self as a Health and safety professional. It all depends on you.

One thing you should know is; non-supportive management is a sign of poor Health and Safety culture. I had posted an article earlier “4 keys to improving health and safety culture

The starting point for solving the problem on non-supportive management is taking measures to improve the safety culture of your organization, beginning from the management.

While working on improving the health and safety culture, you have to adopt some personal aptitude:

  • You have to patient: It is always said, “Rome was not built in a day”. Do not expect a rapid turn around, it takes a process to bring about change, and this process is time dependent.
  • Develop a positive attitude: While working to achieve this objective, you will meet road blocks which could bring discouragement. Do not allow these temporary let downs to make you throw in the towel. Always focus on your objective and move ahead even when there is not iota of believe in your objective from your management.
  • Be a go getter: When no one else believe it is possible, you have to believe. Do not be afraid to make a move, talk to relevant people who could help drive your objective.
  • Learn to start small: Do not carry the bulk of you objectives at once. Take them in bits. Set targets for the accomplishment of your HSE objectives; short-term targets and long-term targets. A bulky objective may be too much for you management to adopt, it is better feasible when you take them in bits. Share it into stages, and work toward achieving them in stages.
  • Initiate programs that could catch the attention of your management: When you initiate a health and safety program that catches your management, they will start asking questions. At that point, you have drawn their interest in to what you are doing. There they may start buying into your plan unconsciously. These plan should be a well thought plan. It may need some sacrifice from you, more importantly your MONEY. Nothing is too much to do in order to achieve your objective.

Remember, Health and Safety is not just a profession, it’s a calling. If you are called to be a Health and safety professional, be the Health and safety professional to the core.



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