15 Important Hot Work Safety Precautions

Hot Work Safety Precautions:

A typical hot job being carried out every day in our different work-sites is welding work.


Hot work has to be well planned and implemented always because of its inherent risk.

Here are the Hot Work Safety precautions:

  1. Hot work must be carried out by a trained personnel.
  2. Ensure that hot work area is cleared of any form of fuel.
  3. It is mostly qualified as a permit required job because of the level of risk involved in it. Hence, permit to work should be designed for it, properly implemented and monitored.
  4. The hot work area must be codon off to prevent thorough fare.
  5. A recognizable fire watch should be available through out the activity.
  6. Workable fire extinguisher must be in place with a qualified operator.
  7. Where there is availability of fuel that cannot be removed, a fire blanket should be in place to prevent the sparks from being ignited.
  8. Adequate PPE should be provided; Face shield, fire resistant cover-all and safety boot, hot work approved hand gloves, etc. The PPE must be well-worn; cover-all fully buttoned.
  9. Work station should be properly design to prevent musculoskeletal injury.
  10. If the work is done at height, a good working platform should be set, body harness should be provided and an adequate anchorage point where necessary.
  11. Close supervision should be ensured throughout the job.
  12. Avoid carrying out hot work from a ladder as much as reasonably practicable.
  13. Welding shield should be use to protect other workers who are not part of the task.
  14. Ear plug may be necessary if the worker will be exposed to noise above 85db.
  15. Welfare facility should be provided to be used as the end of the task.

These hot work safety precautions enumerated above, aims to prevent accident relating to hot work activities.

Imbibe these Hot Work Safety precautions today and ensure safety in all hot work activities.